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Online learning is growing rapidly, and the demand for quality online educators is on the rise. Get ready for the future of education and set yourself apart in the online teaching space with a Virtual Online Teaching Certificate from one of the top 20 universities in the world.

Accessible anytime, from anywhere, this 100% online certificate provides educators with the knowledge they need to successfully design, implement, and teach online courses in the classroom as well as in virtual learning environments. Covering best practices in online teaching pedagogy, the skills you’ll gain by taking the VOLT Certificate are critical to every education profession, from elementary teachers to graduate school professors.

Enroll in the VOLT program by December 30th and receive an exclusive $500* Teach Away tuition scholarship

*Teach Away will pay this discount directly to students who enroll in the VOLT program through The discount is only applicable if enrolled in the total course (2 semesters, $250 off per semester).

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Why earn a Certificate in Virtual Online Teaching?

With a VOLT Certificate, you’ll access real-world knowledge you can apply to various types of online teaching jobs right away. Boost your online teaching career with:

  • 3 full CEUs (Continuing Education Units) you can use towards an advanced college degree.
  • An Online Teaching Endorsement* from the PA State Department of Education**.
  • Act 48 credits -- fulfil half of PA State’s professional development requirements for the next five years.

*To receive the Pennsylvania Department of Education endorsement, students must have an Instruction I or Instruction II Pennsylvania Certificate.
** Consult directly with your state's Department of Education to learn more about requirements for transferring your PA Department of Education Teaching Endorsement.

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Image - Why earn a Certificate in Virtual Online Teaching?

Is a VOLT Certificate right for me?

Ready to kick start your online teaching career? Here’s what you need to know to get started with the help of a VOLT certificate.

Term: Starting January 2nd, 2017.
Application deadline: December 30th, 2016.
Prerequisites: Bachelor’s degree. No prior teaching experience is necessary.
To receive the Pennsylvania Department of Education endorsement, students must have an Instruction I or Instruction II Pennsylvania Certificate.
A teaching license is required only if student desires to receive the additional endorsement for Online Teaching.
Format: 100% online. The VOLT program is delivered through a combination of synchronous and asynchronous online learning and offers real-time learning and immediate instructor feedback with the flexibility of being able to study at your own pace.
Number of modules: 6 modules over 2 semesters.
Qualification: Following internationally recognized standards, the VOLT Certificate is a professional certification which gives you the necessary skills and credibility to teach online. It is not a teaching certificate.
Cost: $6,240

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Course Curriculum

The VOLT Certificate is specially designed to help educators gain the skills and knowledge needed to teach and learn online. Students will learn online strategies for classroom management, student engagement, instructional design, differentiation, participatory learning, digital literacies, assessment and evaluation and emerging technologies in online education. Each module in the VOLT program draws from the following themes:

Teaching and Online Learning

Covers theories of learning and assessing learning outcomes in online as well as in-classroom environments

Communicating and Collaborating Online

How educators can effectively communicate with students online.

Explores the technology and tools used to build and deliver online learning.

Online Classroom Management Modeling

How educators can create positive online learning environments and accommodate all students’ needs in the online classroom.

How to practice ethical, legal, and safe behavior when using online technology.

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Prepare for the virtual classroom with a VOLT certificate from the University of Pennsylvania