BlaBla is an online learning platform for native English speakers to teach English to young adults (typically aged 12-35) through real-time audio chats (like Clubhouse) and short videos. The company recognizes the fragmented characteristic of language learning. Unlike traditional online tutoring, BlaBla empowers teachers (native English speakers) to create engaging video content for users to learn at their own pace online. The company's mission is to foster a more convenient, fun, and effective educational experience for both teachers and learners. Founded in 2019, the company has established offices and R&D centers in Suzhou and Silicon Valley. The company adheres to the belief that motivation and incentives are key to successful teaching and learning experiences.

BlaBla aims to deliver an experience similar to that of a full immersion language program that assists learners in building a native or bilingual language proficiency. The company continues to develop outstanding products with features such as speech recognition, scene recognition, user interest profile, and recommendation system using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology. BlaBla believes that AI and machine learning will continue to be the core of quality educational experiences.

Mission: We are providing a platform for teachers and learners to experience convenient, fun, and effective English education.

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