El Faro de Cabrera in the Dominican Republic is best described as a home school co-op and community center that focuses upon providing a quality and affordable educational option to local families. We are registered as a company under Dominican law, but more than 50% of our yearly budget is donated by two different non-profits organizations registered in the states. Faro has grown from 15 to 23 to 34 to 40 students over the past 4 years and has a bright future ahead! We emphasize integrated curriculum and project based learning as well as traditional classroom structures to give our students a wide variety of educational experiences that meet both U.S. and Dominican standards. Our current teaching staff includes a teacher for each of the following: 1st/2nd Generalist,  3rd/4th Generalist,1st-4th Spanish Enrichment, 5th-12th Lengua Española/Sociales, 5th-12th English Lit/Social Studies, and 5th-12th Math/Science.  It is a wonderful opportunity for experience in immersion style ELL education, curriculum development, and community outreach/development.

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