Princeton (Shenzhen) International Children’s Learning Center (PICLC) was founded by the Group in Futian District of Shenzhen China in 2013, concentrating on early childhood education and cross-cultural communication. It builds up a new international pre-school education platform in an innovative mode.


The curriculum in PICLC has been tailor-made to suit the needs of students of the 21st century with Chinese culture incorporated. It meets the need of project-based learning and future education, preparing well-rounded students who are able to create, to explore, to analyze and to get actively involved in the education process.

We trigger the desire of learning in our students by allowing them to suggest what they want to learn and encouraging them to explore, to try, to research and to decide. We strongly believe that there are multiple ways of learning. This is why PICLC students are exposed to a wide variety of activities that are purposely planned to catch students’ attention according to their individual likes. We provide an English environment to our students which blends perfectly well with the Chinese environment.

Through learning PICLC, children will learn to become more creative, curious, active, confident, skillful at problem-solving and daring to take risks. Meanwhile, moral education is instilled in everyday life in PICLC, because we strongly believe morality is the key to children’s development. In addition, a variety of athletic, musical and artistic activities help children grow healthily and foster their understanding of art and cultural diversity. Children’s ability to embrace and appreciate different cultures will be strengthened.

Based on the mission of the Group, the curriculum in PICLC is divided into seven modules: Ethical Education, English, Chinese, Maths and Logic, Science and Technology, Physical Education and Arts. Through project-based learning, students are guided in comprehensive inquiry activities. It stimulates children’s interest and autonomy to explore the world.