Teachers who teach Georgia curriculum should be aware of the professional incentives of a teaching job overseas. Teachers interested in traveling and exploring a foreign country can earn a lucrative salary and competitive benefits, sometimes including full housing, paid flights, and a tax-free income.

Currently teaching in Georgia?

Educators who teach Georgia curriculum will find ample demand overseas for teachers who can teach American curriculum at an international American school. American curriculum is used in schools around the world, many of which prepare students for admittance to American universities. Georgia teachers can teach in a foreign country, gaining valuable professional and cultural experience, while working in a curriculum that is familiar to you.

Teaching Jobs in Georgia Prepare Educators to Teach Abroad

Teaching jobs in Georgia instill the skills and experience required to teach overseas. Teachers that have more than 2 years of experience and a Georgia teaching certificate meet the prerequisites for many of the teaching jobs offered by Teach Away.

Some positions may require TEFL certification, in which case Teach Away offers the TEFL Online course in association with the University of Toronto. TEFL Online is a 100-hour TEFL certificate completed in a self-paced online environment, accessible anywhere in the world – even from a mobile device.

Georgia Teaching Jobs vs. Teaching Jobs Overseas

When compared to teaching jobs in Georgia, teaching jobs overseas offer teachers the opportunity to live in a new location and explore the country of your choosing. Teachers abroad are in huge demand internationally as English continues to gain prominence as the global language of commerce. In addition, Georgia teachers who acquire diverse, culturally-sensitive training abroad find themselves at an advantage upon returning to the United States. Consider teaching abroad for the chance to see a new country and gain professional experience.


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