Teacher Professional Development FAQ

Q: What type of teacher professional development courses do you offer?
A: Our teacher professional development options include non-credit continuing education courses designed to meet professional development hour requirements, non-degree professional certifications and graduate-level degree programs, across a wide range of subject specializations and topics. For full details, simply browse our current catalog of professional development courses for teachers.

Q: What are Continuing Education Units (CEUs)?
A: A CEU is equal to 10 hours of an accredited continuing education course. Most teachers are required to complete a minimum amount of continuing education in order to stay certified.

Q: What is a teaching endorsement?
A: Endorsements on your teaching license indicate which subject areas and grade levels you are qualified to teach.

Q: What’s the difference between credit courses and noncredit courses?
A: Credit courses are usually taken to work towards a degree program. Non-credit courses are taken for personal or professional interest and do not usually offer college credit.

Q: How do I know if my school, district or state accepts your professional development courses for teacher certification?
A: It is the decision of your school, district or state on whether they choose to accept our courses for recertification or state licensure purposes. We advise you to check with them directly prior to registering for a course.

Q: Is there a limit to how many teacher professional development courses I can take at once?
A: No. You can enroll in as many courses as you wish. Browse our current catalog of professional development courses for teachers.

Q: I’m not a certified teacher. Can I still take one of your teacher professional development courses?
A: Yes. There are no prerequisites to enroll in several of our PD courses, including our TEFL Certification and Culturally Responsive Teaching courses.

Q: How much technology experience do I need to take an online course?
A: You will need basic computer and word processing skills in order to take an online course.

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