Boarding Housemaster/Housemistress - Sree Vidyanikethan Int'l School - India

We are seeking to appoint a new Housemaster with the drive and vision to run a happy and thriving boarding house. Hilton House is a one of two boys’ boarding houses opened in September 2003 and offers attractive modern accommodation for up to 65 boys from Year 9 to the Lower 6th Form. All Upper 6th Form students (boys and girls) are housed in separate purpose-built Upper 6th Form Houses that allows
them more freedom and responsibility. The Housemaster leads the House team, including an Assistant Housemaster, a team of tutors, a non-residential Matron, and a team of cleaners assigned
to the House. The role of a boarding housemaster is very intense and emotionally demanding on the one hand, and correspondingly rewarding and fulfilling on the other. The hours are long and must, by their
nature, be flexible. A full understanding of the role, and family support is essential for a boarding housemaster to enjoy the role and be successful. The boarding culture at Ardingly is strong, and weekend activity is vibrant. The position of Housemaster is well-respected within the College, and is acknowledged to be excellent preparation for further promotion to a position as Deputy Head or other senior management position.
Given the demands of this position, the remuneration package and accommodation are generous, as is the reduction in teaching load.

The duties and responsibilities of a Housemaster are outlined below:

Please note that in order to effectively discharge his duties, the Housemaster will be expected to reside in the School accommodation provided for the duration of each School term.

  • Throughout the term, the Housemaster is directly responsible for all aspects of the organisation and operation of the House. To assist in the effective management of his boarding house, the Housemaster has a resident Assistant Housemaster, a team of tutors, a matron, and cleaning and domestic staff.
  • As a guide, the Housemaster is expected to be on duty, but not necessarily constantly out and about in the House, for at least five nights per week. The Assistant Housemaster is expected to be on duty for the remaining two nights per week.
  • The Housemaster should also expect to be on duty for two weekends out of three during term time. The Housemaster may expect his Assistant to look after the House one weekend in three. The House does, however, ultimately remain his responsibility and the demands of the House may not allow this.
  • The Housemaster is responsible for the smooth running of all aspects of his House including:
  • Maintaining a visually and palpably stimulating environment
  • Monitoring the maintenance of the fabric of the Boarding House
  • The allocation of duties for House staff and tutors  Publishing and maintaining appropriate duty rosters
  • Co-ordinating all teaching staff assigned to the House and developing a strong sense of commitment and teamwork in those staff
  • Liaising with the Director of Operations regarding domestic staff in the House.
  • The Housemaster is responsible for organising activities for those boarders, including at weekends. He will also be expected to arrange social events with other Houses.The Housemaster is expected to attend and contribute to weekly HoMMs’ Meetings (Housemasters and Housemistresses)
  • The Housemaster is expected to maintain all of the required documentation (House handbooks etc) in good order and health and safety procedures complied with.  The Housemaster is expected to attend School events in which boys in his House are involved.
  • The Housemaster must maintain an accurate and up-to-date record of the whereabouts of his boys. Pupil welfare, progress and discipline The Housemaster is responsible for the emotional and physical well-being of the boys in the House. Every boy in the House will be different in personality, talents and in the way they respond to the pressures of teenage life. For most boys, the Housemaster is the central pillar of their lives at school, and is expected to provide the stability, wisdom, fairness and enthusiasm to help them enjoy their school lives and to make the most of their talents and opportunities. Providing the right academic environment and expectations is also an important part of the role of a Housemaster. This involves, among other things, liaising with tutors, parents and set teachers to ensure that all students are achieving their full academic potential. The Housemaster is responsible for maintaining discipline within the House and works closely with the Deputy Head or Headmaster on more serious breaches of the School rules.
  • Communication with parents
  • Effective pastoral care requires a strong partnership between the school and parents. Communication with parents is therefore an essential skill for a Housemaster. This requires regular and supporting communication with individual parents, and an ability to understand their perspectives, whilst also upholding decisions that are consistent with the values and expectations of the House and the College. Regular communications to all parents about the life of the House is also expected, so that parents are engaged and supportive. External marketing Housemasters are also expected to contribute to marketing the House and College in a variety of ways. Internal marketing requires confident advocacy of the benefits of boarding within the College. External marketing requires contributing to the College’s visits to feeder schools and occasional trips abroad for the purposes of marketing and recruitment. The ability to play an active role in marketing and recruitment is an important facet of a successful boarding housemaster.
Posted: September 2017
This is a Direct to School Job
Tirupati , India
August 2018
2 Years
Licensed Teacher
Gr. 4, Gr. 5, Gr. 6, Gr. 7, Gr. 8, Gr. 9, Gr. 10, Gr. 11, Gr. 12
USD 1500 - 18000

Job Benefits

  • An excellent salary and retention bonus
  • High-standard accommodation with an option of housing allowance (if preferred)
  • Annual travel allowance
  • International worldwide medical cover
  • Opportunities for ongoing professional development
  • A professionally-stimulating and supportive working environment
  • The chance to live and work in a culturally-diverse context
  • Opportunities for promotion and development

Qualifications & Requirements

Other Certification
5 Years
any subject


  • Good Honours degree (subject is not important)
  • Experience of teaching their subject to IGCSE and A level essential
  • QTS with teaching experience in a boarding environment
  • Good understanding of Boarding School ethos
  • Strong empathy with young people and an ability to lead them effectively
  • Good listener and communicator
  • Good organisational skills
  • Ability to manage resources including a budget
  • Ability to manage staff Desirable:
  • Experience as an Assistant Housemaster or Residential Tutor
  • Able to offer Co-Curricular activities
  • Awareness of careers and UCAS advice
  • Attendance of BSA course/diploma
  • Positive personality
  • A creative thinker
  • Track record of team leadership
  • Ability to prioritise effectively and balance competing pressures
  • Ability to see a task through to completion
  • Demonstrable commitment to a Whole School project