Director of University Counseling Office - Vanke Meisha Academy - China

Director of University Counseling Office - Vanke Meisha Academy - China
Vanke Meisha Academy
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Reporting to the Principal, the Director of University Counseling Office (Director) manages the operation of the University Counseling Office (UCO) and sets the vision for how it serves each student and collaborates with teachers. As college admissions becomes more competitive, complex, and nuanced, it is crucial that the Director implements and sustains a balanced approach to the college search and application process through the development and evaluation of both junior and senior staff. The Director must establish a counseling mission, vision, and system that effectively supports students from a range of backgrounds and expectations in successfully identifying and applying to colleges that best fit their strengths, interests, and qualifications. The Director will have an opportunity develop a comprehensive guidance and college counseling program to support VMA’s students in the domains of social, emotional, and academic growth, all of which are critical to their future success in college and beyond.

1. Responsibilities within the University Counseling Office

  • Oversee the day-to-day operations of the UCO
  • Create, execute, and monitor systems that ensure an efficient and effective college planning and application process
  • Codify processes, procedures, and supporting documents (e.g. transcripts) for the college application process
  • Review, adjust, and improve the guidance and college counseling program each year
  • Establish the annual budget and monitor office expenditures
  • Maintain the online Naviance database and ensure that software used in the office remains current
  • Oversee the production of transcripts through PowerSchool
  • Build the school profile and maintain the school’s acceptance and matriculation lists
  • Evaluate test results (e.g. AP, SAT, ACT, TOEFL) to identify school-wide strategies for improving student achievement
  • Generate a schoolwide college preparation plan
  • Plan, organize, develop, and implement college planning events and publications: prepare letters, flyers, mailers and other materials to publicize guidance and college counseling services, resources and programs
  • Coordinate and implement the Study Exchange Program with Youth For Understanding
  • Develop strategic events that inform families, celebrate student successes, and build a school-wide culture of high expectations for college matriculation

2. Responsibilities Toward Staff

  • Oversee the work of Senior Counselors, Junior Counselors, and office support staff
  • Lead the guidance and college counseling team to ensure smooth day-to-day functioning of the office
  • Implement a research-based staff evaluation system
  • Set staff improvement goals according to evaluation results
  • Help individual members set short and long-term goals for improving professional practice
  • Schedule and direct regular and ad hoc office meetings
  • Ensure appropriate, relevant, clear, and timely communication with the staff about expectations and day-to-day responsibilities
  • Help staff to identify and attend appropriate professional development opportunities (e.g. conferences, technology showcases)
  • Lead, mentor, and coach staff in developing relevant college planning and counseling competencies

3. Responsibilities Toward Students and Parents

  • Communicate to prospective students and other constituencies the philosophy of the office and the school
  • Organize and promote student and parent education so that they understand the current realities in college admissions and are empowered to navigate the college process and identify options while maintaining a healthy perspective
  • Manage a caseload of students by providing strategies, advice, support, and individualized guidance to them and their families throughout the application process
  • Assist assigned students and their parents in developing an appropriate and balanced list of colleges to explore
  • Write individualized and detailed letters of recommendations for each assigned student
  • Maintain student files, ensure timely submission of supporting information and materials to colleges and collect data pertinent to the process (i.e., testing data, parent surveys, etc.)
  • Assist students in identifying resources for scholarships and financial aid, help seniors and their parents to understand financial aid packages, and refer students to other resources as necessary
  • Advise students and parents regarding course selection and its consequences in the college selection process

4. Responsibilities Toward College Representatives

  • Facilitate the schedule of visits by a range of college admission officers throughout the school year
  • Facilitate communication between students and college representatives visiting the school
  • Cultivate mutually beneficial working relationships with college admissions representatives and meeting with them during campus visits
  • Advocate, to college admissions staff, for VMA students who have applied to their institutions
  • Cultivate mutually beneficial working relationships with local college counseling associates by participating in local consortiums and organizations

5. Responsibilities Toward Interdepartmental Collaboration

  • Attend regularly scheduled Senior Staff meetings and other meetings as required
  • Prepare and present reports to the Principals yearly and when requested
  • Coordinate the recommendation letter process, including guiding students in selecting and reaching out to faculty and training and assisting new faculty in uploading letters to Naviance as necessary
  • Assist the Academic Support Office with the planning the upcoming course selection process for each upcoming academic year
  • Collaborate with the Admissions Office to collate information of interest for prospective students and parents
  • Participate in committee, department, and staff meetings as well as school-sponsored events that would benefit from the UCO’s perspective
  • Work closely with the Academic Support Office and Student Care Office to become informed about particular student needs, abilities, and other factors that colleges must consider
  • Work with faculty to integrate college application skills (e.g. personal narrative writing, interviewing, etc.) into regular curricula
  • Provide information to faculty to align teaching practices and regular curricula content to develop students’ skills and competencies that can meet college expectations

6. Professional Development Responsibilities

  • Visit college campuses and attend presentations to stay abreast of university offerings and maintain familiarity with signature programs
  • Attend international and regional conferences and professional meetings to track and remain current with trends in the admissions and college counseling field
  • Attend education technology conferences to trial new resources beneficial to the UCO
  • Pursue other appropriate personal professional development opportunities as needed
Posted: February 2018
This is a Direct to School Job
Shenzhen , China
August 2018
2 years minimum, 3 or more preferred
District/Regional Level Administrator, Director/Principal, School Health and Welfare Staff
Gr. 10, Gr. 11, Gr. 12
USD 5100 - 7800

Principal Job Benefits

  • Monthly housing allowance of USD $730
  • Tax-free salary for first three years of employment
  • Visa application assistance and reimbursement
  • Annual flight compensation
  • Airport Pickup
  • Monthly daycare reimbursement stipend
  • Retirement pay
  • Health and welfare benefits
  • Holiday travel allowance
  • International health insurance
  • Housing that meets western standards of comfort
  • Excellent bilingual support staff
  • Extensive professional development opportunities and funding
  • Chinese official holidays and many U.S. official holidays

Qualifications & Requirements

5 Years
Education, Counseling, Psychology preferred

A successful Director of University Counseling Office has:

  • At least 5 years of prior experience in college counseling and/or college admissions
  • Passionate about driving progress and be able to inspire and influence team staff
  • Excellent management skills
  • A successful track record working with students and parents from first contact to college matriculation
  • Well-developed professional network and credibility amongst tier-one universities
  • Patience and creativity when working collaboratively with a range of constituent groups, including students, families, faculty, staff, and administration, from diverse backgrounds
  • Experience with international education preferred
  • Outstanding interpersonal, written and oral communication, and organizational skills
  • Strong work ethic and high level of integrity
  • Dexterity with adopting and integrating current and new technology generally used in schools, such as Naviance and PowerSchool
  • Familiarity with highly selective admissions at internationally recognized universities
  • Familiarity with the expectations of an ambitious, college-bound high school population
  • Exceptionally motivated to create a guidance and counseling program of the highest quality
  • Independent research and analytical ability in order to construct a high-quality program with creative delivery methods
  • Sufficient financial planning ability to manage office budget, allocate resources, and educate students and parents on financial aid
  • Bilingual in Chinese and English preferred
  • Cross-cultural education/experience preferred

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