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Early Years IB PYP Teacher

We are an accredited IB school looking for passionate and dedicated teachers to join our team this August for the new school year. This position is ideal for both experienced teachers and new graduates hoping to pursue a career in teaching. This is a fantastic opportunity to develop invaluable teaching experience in an international and forward-thinking school that follows a globally recognized curriculum. There is also potential for future leadership roles within the school structure for teachers who are able to demonstrate consistently high standards of professionalism and dedication to the role.

All teachers at our school will attend weekly meetings on inquiry-based learning for the early years with a focus on the implementation of the Primary Years Programme from our curriculum coordinator. Teaching at our school is:

  • Inquiry based with opportunities for the students to get involved with hands on activities
  • Relevant to the students and makes use of the local environment to enhance learning
  • Differentiated based on the needs of students

Teachers can also expect to be supported by the team of 30 foreign expert teachers and 50 local teachers we have employed at the school. The support system we have in place for teachers ensures that as a school we are able to provide a vibrant and exciting work environment for our teaching staff.  

We are officially qualified to hire foreign experts by our local Foreign Expert Bureau and we will provide assistance to all new teachers in gathering the necessary documentation required to secure a Chinese work visa. We have a dedicated team on hand to help every step of the way with the move over.

The school is located in the city of Yiwu which boasts the world’s largest wholesale market. It has great transport links to nearby cities such as Hangzhou and Shanghai and has an abundance of international restaurants. Affordable accommodation can be found easily within walking distance to the school. The cost of living is very low and provides a great opportunity to save the majority of your salary.


What makes us different:

With nearly 30 foreign workers on staff, Oujing boasts one of the largest early years foreign staffs in the country. This has created a strong community that is able to assist all new teachers and make the transition as smooth as possible. The school has a hands-on foreign principal that understands what goes into this transition and strives to make the process as easy as possible. You will have step by step support in every part of the process before and after entering China.

We are well versed in the process of obtaining a Z-visa which can be a confusing and lengthy process. We make the process as quick and easy as possible.

In the classroom, you work alongside 2 co-teachers to create a unique learning environment for your class of 20-24 students There is no lead teacher as each member of the team is considered equal and decisions are made as a group.

There are weekly meetings with your year group to discuss and plan all upcoming lessons and to support each other with ideas.


We expect teachers to:

  • Prepare, and deliver high quality lessons
  • Create challenging and engaging learning opportunities for students
  • Assess and monitor student progress
  • Collaborate with other teachers to share ideas, approaches, and professional knowledge
  • Communicate regularly with parents and be part of a community
  • Be collaborative, flexible, and positive

Working hours are 8am - 5:30pm Monday to Friday including a 90 minute lunch break and planning and lesson preparation time.

Posted: March 2019
This is a Direct to School Job
Yiwu, China
August 2019
12 months
Licensed Teacher, University Graduate
Early Childhood
USD 2000 - 2400

Job Benefits

  • Competitive salary with great potential to save money
  • Health Insurance
  • Housing allowance
  • Paid time off
  • Summer vacation
  • Large community of foreign staff
  • IB training and teacher development
  • Cultural and international city

Qualifications and Requirements


Oujing prides itself on hiring legal workers who can obtain a Z-visa. In order to meet our province’s strict guidelines you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be from one of the native-English speaking countries designated by the government’s expert bureau (USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, South Africa).
  • Obtain a clean non-criminal background check
  • Have a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited university and meet ONE of these three criteria:
    • BA or above in Education
    • PGCE
    • 2 years post graduate teaching experience with letter from previous employer
    • Obtained a TEFL in China certificate (no other TEFL/TESOL certificate is accepted by our local expert bureau)
  • Must be able to start in August

No candidates will be considered if they do not meet the above requirements.

  • Candidates who have already begun the process of obtaining a non-criminal record check and/or started the document authentication process will be given preference.