Founding Principal - Beijing International Bilingual Academy, Guiyang - China

We are seeking a Principal to join and lead the founding team for our new campus in Guiyang, which will open next in the next Academic Year.  Seeking someone who is passionate about bilingual education and developing global citizens, holds a deep appreciation for Chinese culture, builds unity across-cultures, possesses a pioneering spirit, has experience as a Principal/ Head of School, and preferably an advanced degree in educational leadership. Campus is in a stunningly beautiful area of China, and is just waiting for a passionate team of educators who will infuse a soul into this purpose-built campus.

Posted: March 2018
This is a Direct to School Job
Guiyang , China
April 2018
3 years
All Levels
USD 6000 - 8500

Principal Job Benefits

Benefits and Additional Compensation include:

  • Housing
  • Summer Travel Allowance
  • Paid Holidays
  • Sick and Personal Leave
  • Medical Insurance
  • Visa & Work Permit
  • Full Tuition for Dependent Children
  • End of Contract Bonus

Qualifications & Requirements

10 Years
Educational Leadership

About China

One of the world's most powerful nations, China's cultural contributions have influenced history and human development for thousands of years. Teach Away offers ESL teaching jobs in reputable language schools as well as licensed teaching jobs across China.

Standard Chinese
Renminbi (yuan) (¥)
Buddhism, Taoism
Varied: wet/dry seasons
Land area - 3.7 million sq. miles (9.6 million sq. km)