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Head of KG-Gr5

Department: Senior Leadership Team

Line Manager: Principal

Cover During Absence: Academic Vice Principal, Principa

Job Purpose:

Provides professional, highly effective leadership and management that will achieve outstanding results in all aspects of (KG-Gr5) school phase. The Head is responsible for ensuring that the curriculum, teaching and assessment practices inspire high levels of engagement, achievement and progress for students of all abilities. Supports and develops learning and teaching within his/her team in close collaboration with the Principal to ensure a coherent curriculum which challenges and inspires students is delivered. Above all, a child-centred, caring and supportive environment, ensuring a happy and conducive atmosphere remains a key goal.

Key Relationships (Internal and External): Principal, Senior Leadership Team, (KG-Gr5) Students and Parents, Admissions Manager, External Agencies and Service Providers, (KG-Gr5)Teachers and Support Staff _____________________________________________________________________________________


Key Accountabilities:

  • Develop a positive climate that embraces team work and collaboration among the staff of (KGGr5) years
  • Oversee the selection and ordering of equipment and resources for the (KG-Gr5) years
  • Prepare for and lead weekly planning sessions with the team members and oversee that progress is running effectively on a day to day basis
  • Track and assess student performance, assist and lead in the preparation of reports as required
  • Ensure the Teaching Assistants are active members of the community and are able to work effectively with their respective teachers and students
  • Mentor, support and develop staff in (KG-Gr5) years including performance management/appraisal for them and identify key priorities for the preparation of the improvement plan
  • Ensure parents are consistently well informed of the programs, and overseeing newsletters, curriculum overviews and curriculum based Grade level events
  • Ensure that parents receive regular reports of their children’s progress and attainment that include next steps for learning
  • Engage parents as active partners in their children’s learning in a variety of ways
  • Assist determine Professional Development needs of the (KG-Gr5) team
  • Ensure effective transition occurs between KG2 and Grade 1, as well as Grade 5 and Grade 6
  • Collaborate with the Admissions Manager in the assessment of new students for placement/admission purposes
  • Manage the team leaders at all grade levels and phase leaders and be able to hold them accountable for results
  • Ensure the maintenance of a strong behavior/conduct model and Liaise as appropriate with parents
  • Initiate, prioritize and lead improvement activities through effective strategic leadership and planning that will enhance student progress on assessments
  • Inspire and empower teachers and support staff by clearly defining all roles and creating an ethos of collective responsibility and mutual support
  • Participate and lead professional development workshops including events run by the Knowledge Human Development Authority (KHDA)
  • Ensure that the academic program is fit for purpose and challenges students of all abilities for the years (KG- Gr5)
  • Involve team members in systematic, rigorous self-evaluation with the explicit purpose of improving the quality of students’ experiences and their standards of attainment, and ensure it provides valid, comprehensive and reliable analysis
  • Monitor teachers’ plans, evaluate students’ classroom experiences, track students’ attainment and evaluate progress towards meeting agreed targets
  • Monitor the performance of all teaching and support staff in the (KG-Gr5) phase
  • Ensure that teachers collect and analyze appropriate and accurate information from within the school as well as data for external sources, including international assessments and stakeholder surveys
  • Ensure that teachers set aspirational yet realistic targets aimed at improving students’ performance
  • Ensure that all recommendations from previous inspections and evaluations are included in the schools’ improvement plans
  • Comply with all regulations and guidelines issued by the local authorities and regulators
  • Monitor and evaluate the school’s performance on students’ attainment and progress, students’ personal and social development, teaching and assessment, curriculum that meets the needs of students, health and safety, and student support services
  • Work collaboratively with the Principal and Admissions Manager to achieve enrolment targets and business objectives by marketing the school to the local and wider community with the aim of recruiting new students and retaining existing students to achieve a full school roll
  • Be responsible for the safety and well-being of all students through positive recognition and high expectations for behavior and conduct
  • Monitor and promote outstanding attendance and punctuality across the (KG-Gr5) School
  • Inform the Principal of any serious student incidents or parent concerns and work collaboratively with the SLT to resolve issues in a timely and respectful manner
  • Build and maintain relationships with parents and the community by establishing regular and appropriate communications with them
  • Develop knowledge of the education market in Dubai, the UAE and monitor trends over time in order to remain competitive
  • Encourage positive and regular participation of parents at school events
  • Connect school events to local community events so that students and parents have the opportunity to participate in the broader local events such as Dubai Literacy Festival, Art Festival, Music Festival, Sporting and Academic competitions, etc. 
Posted: February 2019
This is a Direct to School Job
Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
August 2019
2 Years
Early Childhood
USD 5000 - 6000

Qualifications and Requirements

Teaching Credential/License
  • Principal/educational management qualification
  • 3 years’ school management/leadership in a similar setting
  • Knowledge of NEASC accreditation, inspection and evaluation frameworks
  • Excellent communication skills in spoken and written form
  • Educational leader and outstanding teacher
  • Strategic planning, knowledge of child protection and health and safety
  • Experience in developing and/or sustaining high performance teams
  • Highly effective relationship management with a variety of stakeholders
  • Ability to recruit and train teachers