High School Science Teacher - Vanke Meisha Academy - China

High School Science Teacher - Vanke Meisha Academy - China

Vanke Meisha Academy is now accepting applications for a candidate pool for the 2018-2019 school year for High School Science Teacher.  Applicants for this position will be screened based on education, training, experience and other relevant factors.  Once applications are screened, those applicants selected for further consideration will be contacted for an interview.  Following the interview, applicants will be notified if they are placed in the pool for the next round of interviews that will be conducted beginning in early February once the school’s position needs have been finalized.

REPORTS TO: Dean of Academic Affairs and/or Principal


  • To provide curriculum leadership and instructional support for the development of scientific literacy that impacts student achievement and promotes life-long learning
  • To cultivate in each student an appreciation of and deep enduring understanding of science and the application to the real world
  • To instill a desire in students to further investigate the wonders of science by applying their understanding of numerous situations and use their knowledge in everyday life
  • To develop students’ mastery of the science course content
  • To provide optimum opportunities for students to develop their communication skills by recording evidence of their research into the various theoretical approaches through verbal, written, and graphic presentations
  • To provide a rich scientific curriculum that encourages both personal and academic achievement challenges students to excel in science and to foster a deep respect for preserving and protecting the earth and its’ inhabitants


  • Uses the next generation science standards to develop and deliver curriculum that includes scientific methodology, physical sciences, life sciences, earth sciences, and technology
  • Designs units that provide opportunities for students to design experiments, collect data, construct a hypothesis, apply scientific methods and refine testable explanations and predictions
  • Builds lessons based on preparing students for college and career success which include building an in-depth understanding of content and develop key skills – communication, collaboration, inquiry, problem-solving, and flexibility that will serve students throughout their educational and professional lives
  • Designs lab investigations that offer students many experiences in student-directed inquiry and engagement activities
  • Uses a variety of instructional strategies such as demonstrations, discussions, lectures, presentations in order to assist students in developing logical, critical, and creative thinking skills, drawing conclusions, solving problems, achieving improved interpersonal relationships, and making value judgments
  • Uses formative and summative assessments, and other types of multiple measures to assess student learning and make instructional decisions and adjustments
  • Provides individual and small group instruction in order to adapt the curriculum to meet the needs of students with varying learning modalities, intellectual abilities, attitudes, and cultural backgrounds
  • Creates student based lessons to explore ways to improve social interactions as well becoming more adept at recognizing and addressing emotional hardships, empathizing with those struggling with a difficult dilemma, and building stronger conflict resolution skills
  • Prepares students to successfully pass science tests and final exams
  • Collaborates with other teachers in a PLC setting to share teaching strategies and assess student outcomes
  • Maintains standards of student behavior to provide an orderly and productive classroom environment
  • Maintains professional competence through extended training
  • Stays updated on the latest technology and scientific discoveries
  • Selects and uses appropriate textbooks, instructional aids, technology, and maintains required inventory records
  • Communicates with parents and school counselors on student progress
  • Identifies student needs and cooperates with other professional staff members in helping students solve health, attitude, and learning problems
  • Supervises students in out-of-classroom activities during the assigned workday
  • Participates in curriculum and other developmental programs
  • Participates in faculty committees and the sponsorship of student activities
  • Performs other duties that may be assigned by the Dean of Academic Affairs and/or principal of Vanke Meisha Academy


  • Is ethical and respectful
  • Holds a high regard for professionalism and maintains a professional demeanor
  • Communicates effectively using excellent oral and written skills
  • Structures a learning environment that is motivating and engages students in the learning
  • Possesses strong interpersonal and problem-solving skills
  • Prepares and completes reports and other required documents in a timely manner
  • Reaches out to parents to include them in their child’s educational experiences


Must be able to bend, stoop, reach, lift and stand for prolonged periods; see to read fine print and for depth perception; use hands and fingers to perform tasks; speak clearly and hear well enough to communicate effectively.

Posted: February 2018
This is a Direct to School Job
Shenzhen , China
August 2018
1-2 Years
Licensed Teacher, College/University Faculty
Gr. 10, Gr. 11, Gr. 12
USD 3670 - 4520

Job Benefits

  • Visa application assistance and reimbursement
  • Annual flight compensation
  • Airport Pickup
  • Monthly daycare reimbursement stipend
  • Retirement pay
  • Health and welfare benefits
  • Monthly housing allowance of USD $730
  • Holiday travel allowance
  • International health insurance
  • Housing that meets western standards of comfort
  • Excellent bilingual support staff
  • Extensive professional development opportunities
  • Chinese official holidays and many U.S. official holidays

Qualifications & Requirements

Teaching Credential/License
2 Years
Chemistry, Biology, Physics, or any Physical/Life Sciences preferred
  • Valid State Teacher Certification/Credential
  • Bachelor’s Degree with major or minor in science or related field
  • Three years of teaching science at the secondary level

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