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Librarian - Dwight School - Dubai
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Intro to Dwight

Dwight School Dubai is putting together a dynamic team of international educators for our IB school opening in September 2018, all being committed to providing personalized approaches to learning for global inquirers.

Dwight School Dubai opens September 2018 with students in PreK to Grade 9 and will add on year by year to see our first IB2s as the Graduating Class of 2022. We offer an amazing opportunity to highly motivated internationally minded instructional experts who are interested in contributing to building an outstanding IB school as members of a dynamic, passionate and change orientated Dwight team.

Dwight is a place for passionate, innovative and forward thinking educators who are able to collaboratively create a culture for transforming international education and creating a 21st Century learning environment that supports students in the IB Programs.

  • Dwight faculty are committed to inspiring, developing and igniting the spark of genius in every student in relation to diversity of learner characteristics and needs
  • Dwight faculty are outstanding role models who embody Dwight School Dubai’s mission and vision as well as the cultural heritage, values and the aspiring vision of the UAE
  • Dwight faculty make effective use of learning technology and research to enhance students’ learning outcomes
  • Dwight faculty create learning environments that are supportive, innovative, motivating and safe for all learners
  • Dwight faculty demonstrate strong personal and professional ethics, exemplified by integrity, respect, fairness and commitment, with excellent organizational and interpersonal skills
  • Dwight faculty demonstrate the ability to engage efficiently with English language learners
  • Dwight faculty collaborate and communicate professionally with students, parents and colleagues to inspire and support progressive learning


Position: Librarian

Reports to: Head of School

Position overview

The Librarian is responsible for all aspects of library and digital-media operations and functions in the school Library & media center. The librarian focuses on creating a pool of relevant resources for students and faculty to access, looking for ways to promote these resources and engage with and enrich the PYP/MYP/DP curriculum. This role researches and provides age appropriate supply of books for educational enhancement, informs students of library and research systems and literally transforms the library into an imagination and innovation space by stimulating students’ creative inquiry and innovative and critical thinking.

Responsibilities the of position

Oversee daily operation of the Library & media center

  • Manage book collection, multi-media, digital research and library budgeting and expenses
  • Ensure that the resources and services scaffold appropriately through grades and divisions
  • Keep the online directory up to date to help students meet both their academic and recreational needs
  • Guide and supervise students and follow-up on overdue materials
  • Ensure efficient functioning of the Library & media center equipment and databases
  • Regularly weed the collection to ensure that positions are accurate, current, and meeting curricular needs
  • Coordinate coverage to ensure accessibility
  • Provide overall direction for the Library & media center

Provide students and faculty with appropriate resources

  • Provide students with pathfinders for important, relevant print and electronic resources to help ignite their passion for literacy, research, exploration and creation
  • Review and order new print and digital resources to support creative and critical thinking and a passion for reading
  • Collaborate with faculty to ensure that the resource collection reflects the IB curriculum
  • Work one-on-one with students to meet their individual information needs

Promote a love of reading

  • Provide one-on-one reader's advisory services
  • Run literature programs to promote reading (book talks, lunch reads, etc.)

Promote information literacy and research

  • Support students in developing their critical inquiry skills
  • Support students in brainstorming and other innovative thinking techniques
  • Collaborate with faculty to tie these skills and activities with relevant IB curriculum and standards to help reinforce information literacy, exploration and research skills.
Posted: February 2018
This is a Direct to School Job
Dubai , United Kingdom
August 2018

Qualifications & Requirements

High School Diploma
3 Years

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Drawing millions of visitors each year, Dubai allows teachers to experience a unique combination of traditional Middle Eastern ways of life and an upscale expatriate lifestyle. Dubai's many private schools provide opportunities for licensed teachers to teach in one of the most exciting and dynamic modern cities in the world.

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