Male Assistant Principal - Al-Forsan International School - Saudi Arabia

Male Assistant Principal - Al-Forsan International School - Saudi Arabia
Al-Forsan International School
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  • Works in close association with the Academic Supervisor/Academic Coordinator to implement curriculum protocols
  • Provides academic and disciplinary guidance and direction to staff
  • In coordination with School Principal, administers any disciplinary actions taken against teaching or administrative staff who do not comply with school policies and procedures
  • Organizes placement testing procedures: collection of test papers/answer keys from teachers, getting placement tests marked, liaising with principal and secretaries to monitor new admissions
  • Organizes duty schedules for Progress Tests / Exams, breaks, prayers, activities, etc. and ensures that written notifications are distributed to students to forward to their parents
  • Organizes Discipline Officer assignments and duties
  • Maintains good rapport between staff, parents and students
  • Ensures staff and student punctuality to school
  • Ensures staff punctuality to lessons, break/prayer duties, and other administrative duties
  • Oversees any and all written materials sent home to parents (meaning: if a teacher wishes to send a letter home to a parent, he/she should obtain approval from the Deputy Principal before doing so)
  • Manages all events: PT Meetings, Sports events, Exhibitions, Graduations, Lectures/Visits from guest speakers/university representatives
  • Responsible for written communication sent to parents (i.e. test/exam dates, school events, school policies and procedures, etc.
  • Briefs new staff in his/her section on academic programs, policies, and procedures
  • Organizes and reviews staff procedures handbook and student handbook
  • Periodically observes lessons and checks schemes of work to ensure conformity of taught lesson to approved SOW
  • Periodically checks students' homework/classwork notebooks and homework diaries to ensure that teachers are allocating homework and checking it upon completion along with appropriate feedback for students and parents
  • Follows up on teachers' work and reports to the Academic Supervisor Works in close collaboration with HOD's for curriculum implementation and development
  • Coordinates with Student Counsellor with reference to student behaviour issues and refers problem students to the Student Counsellor after a number of written or verbal warnings have been issued
  • Organizes and conducts emergency parent-teacher meetings if emergency situations arise (Student Counsellor should be informed and involved)
  • Organizes appointments for parents to visit school/meet teachers after school time
  • Evaluates section staff for performance as teachers and administrative staff
  • Organizes and administers at least two emergency evacuation drills per term
  • Actively participates in Advance Ed accreditation committees
Posted: February 2018
This is a Direct to School Job
Riyadh , Saudi Arabia
August 2018
2 years
Director/Principal, Licensed Teacher, College/University Faculty
Gr. 7, Gr. 8, Gr. 9, Gr. 10, Gr. 11, Gr. 12

Qualifications & Requirements

2 Years

Must be male

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