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Male Principal - G4-12 Boys


  • To commit time and leadership for the successful implementation of the School’s Board-approved Strategic Plan
  • To ensure successful implementation of the IPS school mission, beliefs and profile
  • To ensure that all teachers and support staff have a clear understanding of their performance expectations (i.e. job descriptions and faculty handbook); to support faculty in the shared vision of learning and action
  • To establish a willingness to be a mentor to all faculty as well as encouraging their professional growth and career advancement
  • To seek management harmony for a common purpose towards consensus goals in the school’s decision-making process
  • To communicate effectively with students, faculty, parents, colleagues and in the community (i.e. verbal, nonverbal and written communication), and to seek the involvement of faculty and parents in a wide variety of school activities
  • Takes initiative to inspire and to develop professional development opportunities for all staff tied to programmatic, curricular, and/or objective-based initiatives
  • Leads and collaborates directly with the Curriculum Coordinator on issues of curriculum development
  • Assists all program coordinators PYP, IBDP, Arabic, and others) with program implementation
  • Advises the director on annual recruiting needs and participates fully in the hiring of new faculty
  • Leads coordinators to ensure programme adherence and vertical and horizontal curricular articulation and alignment
  • Upholds and recommends policies and procedures that have an impact for the whole school
  • To create an efficient, productive and caring building culture where all students (and faculty) have the opportunity to be recognized for their best efforts
  • To ensure that all of the school’s resources are identified and being used to serve students and faculty members alike; help both to reach their full performance potential
  • To be able to successfully manage the parent and faculty political pressures that come with the assignment; the political dynamics of a parent-elected Board of Directors
  • To assume the responsibility for sound financial management including accurate program budget planning and fiscal accountability
  • To have a personal commitment to seek constant professional learning and professional growth; to also be a life-long learner
  • To accept the importance and necessity of attending after-school student activity programs and parent events
  • To willingly take on all responsibility for the “mechanics” of the assignment; activities such as building a master class schedule, accurate record keeping, office accounting, etc.
  • To be a willing and active participant in committee work and group program discussions
  • To careful review all student admission applications in accordance with policies established by the Board and policy implementing regulations
  • To establish annual work objectives that are consistent with the School’s Strategic Plan and accepted program direction
  • To perform other activities as might be required for the general welfare of the school and/or as requested by the Director

The principal shall pledge his/her commitment to providing leadership, organizational and management skills to successfully guide school programs that will ensure that each student achieves success. The principal develops a lifelong love of learning and becomes a responsible citizen in a global community through a curriculum taught by a highly qualified faculty committed to motivating students and working in partnership with parents.

Posted: November 2018
This is a Direct to School Job
Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia
July 2019
3 Years
All Levels
USD 5214 - 7619

Job Benefits

  • IPS is located on the Euro Village Compound and fully furnished housing is provided on the compound or in nearby compounds or complexes for expat teachers and their families
  • Spouses and dependents are noted at the time of initial hire and contracting
  • Annual economy airfare is provided to/from Saudi to/from home of record for employee, accompanying spouse and school age accompanying dependents
    • SR 5000 per employee (2000 per school age dependent) shipping or excess luggage allowance on a reimbursement basis (initial flight only)
    • SR 5000 settling-in allowance per employee upon arrival (initial flight only)
  • 100% Tuition for school age dependents (must meet IPS admission standards)
  • Males will be provided with a school car for personal and professional use
  • At such time when driving is allowed for women, then a car will be substituted for the allowance as per mutual agreement
  • Family International Health Insurance - 100% for employee, spouse, and school age accompanying dependents
  • IPS reimburses upon arrival all normal costs associated with obtaining visas for the employee.  IPS employs agencies in the country of origin to assist with this (at times) complicated process
  • After arrival and in subsequent years of employment IPS covers all costs associated with iqama renewal, work permits, and the first 6-month multiple exit/re-entry visa for the employee each year (a 2nd exit/entry visa will cost the employee no more than SR 500 if desired).  Family residence visa, iqam, exit re-entry visa and all associated costs (if desired) are the responsibility of the employee
  • End of Service Bonus paid upon completion of final contract
  • ½ month salary for each of the first 5 years
  • Full month salary for each year beyond 5
  • Computations based on final salary

Qualifications and Requirements

Teaching Credential/License
Educational Leadership