MYP Coordinator - Raha International School - Abu Dhabi

MYP Coordinator - Raha International School - Abu Dhabi
Raha International School - Taaleem
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The MYP Coordinator is a member of the pedagogical leadership team which has the overarching responsibility for ensuring that the teaching and learning will be enriched in line with the philosophical and implementation requirements of the program. The MYP Coordinator has a pivotal role in the collaborative planning process, taking responsibility for ensuring that pedagogical aspects are discussed, information is disseminated and the program is planned, taught and assessed collaboratively.


Key Responsibilities:

·         Display international mindedness in all areas of work; strive to be a critical thinker, inquirer, effective communicator, principled, balanced, caring, risk-taker, open minded, knowledgeable and reflective individual

·         Display respect for and interest in diverse cultures, languages and traditions

·         Fulfill a range of duties and responsibilities, as required, to attend to the whole child and to ensure the smooth day to day running of the school

·         Attend and contribute to staff briefings and also departmental and regular staff meetings

·         Ensure the school achieves its overall educational aims, mission and vision for learners

·         Understand the contents and value of all MYP documents for implementing the program and promote their use Ensure that IB publications pertaining to the MYP section of the school are available to all staff members

·         Establish and maintain a record of completed IB Middle Years Program planners, including the personal project

·         Publish the school’s Program of Inquiry (POI).

·         Lead the process of developing or reviewing the school’s curriculum documents, including the program of inquiry and scope and sequence documents.

·         Participate in the development of the MYP/CIS applications, action planning, manage and monitor the plans and participate in the formulation of the school’s strategic development plan and other requirements of accrediting bodies.

·         Ensure that the General regulations: Middle Years Program (2011) is supplied to parents/legal guardians.

·         Ensure that the Rules for IB World Schools: Middle Years Program (2011) is shared with relevant staff and adhered to.

·         Lead the development and implementation of the school language policy

·         Lead the development and implementation of the school assessment policy

·         Ensure that all teachers, the MYP coordinator and the Principal are trained to implement the MYP

·         Develop a professional development plan for the school (as part of the action plan) that promotes the attainment of goals listed in the action plan.

·         Ensure that staff members are made aware of professional development opportunities

·         Ensure that every new teacher and new Principal/administrator is informed about changes to documentation, news from the IB as it pertains to program implementation

·         Make recommendations regarding professional development opportunities on and off campus in accordance with the schools budget, action plan and yearly goals

·         Keep a record of workshop attendance and school visits to ensure equality of opportunity to identify on-going needs, and to complete authorization and program evaluation forms.

·         Assist teams or individuals in developing and documenting units of inquiry and individual student inquiries

·         Support teachers responsible for, and the students involved in, the MYP exhibition in the final year of the program

·         Lead the process of purchase of suitable resources to support the implementation of the program ensuring equitable purchases across the POI

·         Be responsible for the establishment of an inventory of resources to facilitate efficient collaboration.

·         Monitor and evaluate the effective use of educational resources and equipment to ensure that they support student learning and inquiry

·         Ensure the pervasive influence of the MYP on all aspects of the functioning of a cohesive school community

·         Communicate regularly about the process of implementation and how all requirements of the IB concerning the implementation of the program are adhered to

·         Set up systems for communication and collaboration among all staff members involved in implementing the program

·         Regularly conduct general sessions about the MYP for the whole school community and for interest groups within the community, for example, parent information sessions

·         Publish articles pertaining to the program in the school newsletter and post on the school website.

·         Circulate all relevant information received from the IB and ensure that teachers and other staff are kept up to date with current developments in the program

·         Prepare and submit any documentation required for authorization and evaluation.

·         Respond to requests for information from the IB

·         Provide a liaison between the school and the IB

·         Provide outreach to the wider MYP community through OCC discussion forums, email and hosting visits from other schools

·         Promote the use of the OCC with the school community

·         Recommend exemplary teachers to participate in curriculum development meetings

·         Ensure that school practices and curriculum development include the hallmarks of international-mindedness that are embedded in the IB learner profile

·         Organize the schedule to allow for a variety of on-going collaborative planning opportunities, involving the MYP coordinator, the classroom teachers, all single-subject teachers, and the Principal/Director, as appropriate

·         Demonstrate reflective leadership practice that values feedback

·         Model the constructivist approach, including inquiry, during meetings or workshops focusing on gaining a better understanding of the requirements of the program

·         Model and promote the IB learner profile and the MYP attitudes

·         Encourage teachers to see themselves as researchers and support their inquiries into pedagogy as per the school’s professional goals requirements

·         Ensure that the curriculum promotes students making connections, thinking conceptually and critically, and reflecting on their own learning

·         Ensure that teachers differentiate the teaching and learning opportunities for children with diagnosed special needs

·         Ensure the balance between transdisciplinary and disciplinary learning

·         Ensure and reinforce the cognitive value of the learning experiences planned for the units and for stand alone

·         Monitor the use of inquiry as a pedagogical approach through classroom visits

·         Ensure that the curriculum provides opportunities for student-initiated actions

·         Ensure that assessment, in the form of feedback, helps students to think about how they learn and to become more proficient and self-directed and is recorded in their portfolios.

·         Ensure that summative assessment in a unit of inquiry is an effective way of assessing each student’s understanding of the central idea

·         Ensure that teachers communicate and help learners and parents understand the assessment criteria 

·         Encourage the learning of everyone, students, staff and parents in a MYP school community.

·         Ensure that professional development resources will be linked, to some degree, to individual teacher performance appraisal.

·         Organize peer lesson observations and engage in team teaching opportunities that reflect our commitment to providing effective teaching, learning and assessment.

·         Where possible, organize an expert or coach to address a defined area for which there is a demonstrated need for development.

·         Collect on-going evidence of the school’s implementation of MYP standards and practices.


Posted: February 2018
This is a Direct to School Job
Abu Dhabi , United Arab Emirates
August 2018
Licensed Teacher

Job Benefits

We are committed to developing our staff and run regular professional development workshops to ensure our teachers are equipped to provide students with the best possibly educational experience.

Taaleem provides excellent, high quality purpose built accommodation for teaching staff equipped with gym, pool and all amenities. We offer an attractive tax-free salary, medical insurance, free child places within selected schools and an annual flight allowance along with great corporate discounts with many service providers in Abu Dhabi

Qualifications & Requirements

  • Education: Bachelor’s degree, Teaching certification, educational leadership/management workshops
  • Experience: 2 years’ senior or middle leadership in a similar setting
  • Competencies: knowledge of international accreditation, inspection and evaluation frameworks, excellent communication skills in spoken and written form, educational leader and outstanding teacher, sound decision making, solutions focused, knowledge of child protection and health and safety, experience in developing and/or sustaining high performance teams, highly effective relationship management with a variety of stakeholders, expert knowledge of IB Standards and Practices, and expert knowledge of the MYP curriculum framework.
  • Attributes: collaborative team player, inspirational speaker, empathetic listener, integrity, strategic thinker, able to convert vision into action, internationally minded, emotional intelligence, intercultural awareness, creative, persuasive, flexible and capable of managing growth and instilling high standards, adept in multilingual settings, spirited, pioneering, professional and nurturing

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