PreK/IB DP Performing Arts Teacher (Drama Teacher) - Dwight School - Dubai

PreK/IB DP Performing Arts Teacher (Drama Teacher) - Dwight School - Dubai
Dwight School Dubai
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Intro to Dwight

Dwight School Dubai is putting together a dynamic team of international educators for our opening in September 2018, all being committed to providing personalized approaches to learning for global inquirers.

Dwight School Dubai opens September 2018 with students in PreK to Grade 9 and will add on year by year to see our first IB2s as the Graduating Class of 2022. We offer an amazing opportunity to highly motivated internationally minded instructional experts who are interested in contributing to building an outstanding IB school as members of a dynamic, passionate and change orientated Dwight team.


Dwight is a place for passionate, innovative and forward thinking educators who are able to collaboratively create a culture for transforming international education and creating a 21st Century learning environment that supports students in the IB Programs.

  • Dwight teachers are committed to inspiring, developing and igniting the spark of genius in every student in relation to diversity of learner characteristics and needs
  • Dwight teachers are outstanding role models who embody Dwight School Dubai’s mission and vision as well as the cultural heritage, values and the aspiring vision of the UAE
  • Dwight teachers are excellent classroom managers who create learning environments that are supportive, motivating and safe for all learners
  • Dwight teachers demonstrate strong personal and professional ethics, exemplified by integrity, respect, fairness and commitment, with excellent organizational and interpersonal skills
  • Dwight teachers demonstrate the ability to teach English language learners, thus considers themselves as language teachers in all disciplines
  • Dwight teachers collaborate and communicate professionally with students, parents and colleagues to inspire and support progressive learning


Responsibilities of the position

Planning and preparation

  • Demonstrate extensive knowledge of subject specific content, IB Programme(s), and a wide range of instructional pedagogies
  • Create and review curriculum for PreK – IB DP to ensure scope and sequence is effective and that concept based, inquiry-based and student-centered instruction is occurring
  • Demonstrate extensive knowledge of up-to-date resources and keep abreast of any development in the subject area
  • Demonstrate coherent instructional design
  • Demonstrate genuine interest in and comprehensive knowledge of the individual student
  • Demonstrate comprehensive understanding and beneficial use of assessment to inform planning and preparation
  • Demonstrate high-level instructional outcomes

The classroom environment

  • Create and maintain an inclusive classroom environment, represented by consistent respect and rapport
  • Establish and sustain a strong culture for learning
  • Ensure a system for managing classroom procedures and student behavior
  • Effectively organize physical space to maximize learning

Instruction and assessment

  • Communicate clearly with students/faculty
  • Use a variety of questioning/enquiry and discussion techniques
  • Engage students/faculty in learning
  • Use formative and summative assessments to guide and improve instruction
  • Ensure students have regular opportunities for reflection and self - assessment
  • Demonstrate flexibility and responsiveness in instructional settings

Professional responsibilities

  • Consistently reflect on approaches to teaching and learning
  • Consistently maintain accurate records
  • Clearly and consistently communicate with families
  • Coordinate with school leadership to ensure effectiveness of the Performing Arts program, successful instruction, and continuity of curriculum
  • Consistently demonstrate professionalism, willingness to be a team player, participate readily in meetings, PD activities and take on any other duties, as assigned by the school
  • Organize student concerts and participate in other school events, making a substantive and healthy contribution in aspects of school life outside of the classroom
  • Actively participate in the professional (Dwight) community
  • Utilize the resources and expertise of the community to enhance student learning and appreciation for the Performing Arts
  • Provide extracurricular/after school activities/programs
Posted: February 2018
This is a Direct to School Job
Dubai , United Arab Emirates
August 2018
Licensed Teacher
All Levels

Qualifications & Requirements

3 Years

The ideal candidate for this position will be working as a Performing Arts Teacher for a minimum of 3 years, have extensive IB training and a relevant Bachelor Degree or higher degree.

About United Arab Emirates

Drawing millions of visitors each year, Dubai allows teachers to experience a unique combination of traditional Middle Eastern ways of life and an upscale expatriate lifestyle. Dubai's many private schools provide opportunities for licensed teachers to teach in one of the most exciting and dynamic modern cities in the world.

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