Science Head of Department - Andalus International School - Saudi Arabia

Science Head of Department - Andalus International School - Saudi Arabia

Science Head of Department - Andalus International School - Saudi Arabia
Andalus International School
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Job Title: Science Head of Department

Reporting to: School Principal or Vice Principal

Responsible for: The Teaching Staff within the department/school

Liaising with: Principal, Vice Principle, other Heads of Department, Support Staff, and other stakeholders (students, parents…etc.)

Main Duties:


  • To ensure the delivery of an appropriate, comprehensive, high quality curriculum which complements the School's mission and School Improvement Plan
  • Review and approve materials, resources, assessments on a weekly basis to ensure that teachers' work is aligned with standards
  • To keep up to date with and respond to developments in the subject area and teaching practice and methodology
  • To ensure each teacher in the department is properly documenting the use of resources, materials and assessment

Staff Development:

  • To develop/arrange for in-service staff development programs/training for teachers in the subject area in response to each teacher's specific needs
  • To follow up with teachers after training to ensure proper application
  • To design and carry out teacher orientation sessions for new teachers in the department
  • To design and carry out mini workshops

Quality Assurance and Monitoring:

  • To control and supervise all activities in the subject area to obtain the optimum student and teacher performance
  • To establish the process of the setting of targets within the department and to work towards their achievement
  • To establish common standards of practice within the department and develop the effectiveness of teaching and learning styles
  • To conduct regular classroom observation, and follow that by giving a feedback to teachers
  • To hold regular meetings of the subject department personnel
  • To meet regularly with the Educational Supervisor and/or school principal
  • To evaluate teachers’ performance based on classroom visits, administration evaluation, and self evaluation
  • To review and follow up with teachers’ plans, register, and daily preparation, daily correction of students work and ensure plans are aligned with standards
  • To ensure that homework is set regularly for each class in the subject area
  • To supervise staff in parent-teacher conferences
  • To design remedial programs for assisting academically low achieving students and rewarding gifted students
  • To assist in the design of placement tests, monthly or quarterly tests
  • To supervise the administration of the adopted Standardized tests
  • To supervise the on-going assessment process, evaluate and analyze results and report that to the Educational Supervisor and/or School Principal
  • To supervise/approve the academic improvement plans created in response to standardized test results


  • To ensure that all members of the department are familiar with departmental aims and objectives within the framework of the School Improvement Plan
  • To communicate between teachers and school administration
  • To maintain communication channels with school administration and other Head of Departments
  • To ensure effective communication/consultation as appropriate with the parents of the students
  • To discuss students’ progress/challenges with parents, and respond to their comments, concerns and complains


  • HoD, if necessary, will be assigned an appropriate teaching load in addition to their duties

Other Specific Duties:

  • To work with the school principal or vice principal and scheduler in order to ensure that the Department's teaching commitments are effectively and efficiently time-tabled and roomed
  • To report weekly to the school principal by attending weekly meetings, writing reports….etc.
  • To provide a written quarterly report highlighting the educational challenges and how to go about solving them
  • To participate in the overall evaluation of the school for developmental purposes
  • To play a full part in the life of the school community, to support its distinctive mission, ethos and policies and to encourage and ensure staff and students to follow this example
  • To continue personal professional development as agreed
  • To undertake any other duties-as specified by School Administration not mentioned in the above
Posted: February 2018
This is a Direct to School Job
Jeddah , Saudi Arabia
August 2018
1 Year
University Graduate
Gr. 1, Gr. 2, Gr. 3, Gr. 4, Gr. 5, Gr. 6

Job Benefits

  • Reduced Kids tuition
  • Paid Government Holidays (including Eidul Fitr and Eidul Adha) and Ministry of Education Breaks (Midyear and Spring Break)
  • Medical Insurance: Optical, Dental, and Health for the teacher under Al-Andalus Schools’ sponsorship, and for wife and children under the teacher’s sponsorship
  • Annual salary increment of up to SR 400 per month for each of the 12 months, paid over 10 months upon renewing the contract
  • All other benefits and conditions of service shall be applied in accordance with the Saudi Labor Law and Labor regulations

Qualifications & Requirements

3 Years

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