Science Teacher/Mentor - Sree Vidyanikethan International School - India

Science Teacher/Mentor - Sree Vidyanikethan International School - India
Sree Vidyanikethan International School
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Seeking a Science Teacher/Mentor: Biology & Chemistry


Key Responsibilities Include:

  • Provide a one-to-one teaching experience in the area of Biology and Chemistry at grade levels 9-12
  • Show evidence of adapting and differentiated instruction for all students and a classroom forum for holistic growth
  • Maintain complete and accurate records
  • Develop and maintain genuine, positive and consistent communication with parents
  • Contribute to and benefit from the campus community
  • Practice professionalism through ongoing professional development, reflection and continuous improvement
  • In addition to subject matter tutoring and teaching, this position includes significant student mentoring
  • Other duties as assigned


Students learn to think like scientists by actually doing science: framing meaningful questions, analyzing data, identifying patterns, and applying their understanding to different situations. In the process, students take intellectual risks by engaging in a process of experimentation and revision. In addition to traditional classroom labs and activities, students have opportunities to learn from scientific institutions and educational organizations, deepening the students’ understanding of career paths in science and the role that science plays in the larger world. 

Over the course of four years, students learn to: 

  • Be curious about their world and develop an interest in exploring it further
  • Analyze and interpret quantitative and qualitative data
  • Hone critical scientific-thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Draw connections between different scientific disciplines across different scales and contexts
  • Understand science content to the level needed to act as informed, responsible citizens who know how science connects to the larger world
Posted: August 2018
This is a Direct to School Job
Tirupati , India
August 2018
2 Years
Director/Principal, University Graduate
Gr. 9, Gr. 10, Gr. 11, Gr. 12
USD 1500 - 2000

Job Benefits

  • Joining, leaving and annual home leave flights
  • Health insurance
  • Fully furnished apartment
  • Transportation between home and school

Qualifications & Requirements

Other Certification
5 Years
Biology/ Chemistry
  • A minimum of a Bachelor's Degree is required for consideration, as well as a higher level Science background
  • Solid subject matter knowledge in a majority of these areas: Biology, Chemistry, and Physics at grade levels 6-12
  • experience teaching biology and chemistry in a high school or college setting
  • Candidates should have a passion for helping students explore the physical sciences and contextualizing scientific theories through hands-on learning activities that have real world applications
  • Experience with standard laboratory techniques is required
  • Teaching credentials are a plus but are not mandatory
  • Experience with students with learning differences and ADHD is a plus as well as mentoring experience
  • The ideal candidate is outgoing, well organized, competent in basic computer skills, and is an individual who is eager to work in a highly dynamic, energetic school setting
  • Candidate must be prepared to teach and tutor material at a high school level immediately
  • The candidate should be proficient with current educational technology, especially blended learning platforms and strategies
  • Successful candidates must satisfactorily complete a nationwide criminal background check and a Washington State Patrol background check

Competencies Desired:

  • Expertise in the relevant subject area
  • Understand learning differences and emotional difficulties
  • Ability to mentor as a positive role model
  • Understand and support each student's Formal Education Plan (FEP)
  • Commitment to continuous improvement
  • Self-directed, proactive, intelligent, knowledge of curriculum and assessment, multi-tasker, problem solving skills, professional written and verbal communication skills, ability to connect with students with patience and compassion
  • Ability to manage stress, and self-regulate during chaos and crisis, consistently positive attitude, strong teamwork, passionate, genuine, organized, internally motivated, service orientation, ability to reserve judgment and respond with curiosity and compassion

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