Secondary Teacher - Shanghai HD Bilingual School - China

Secondary Teacher - Shanghai HD Bilingual School - China

Secondary Teacher - Shanghai HD Bilingual School - China
Shanghai HD Bilingual School
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In choosing Secondary Teachers for HD Schools, we are looking for outstanding educators who we can help in turn to ‘stand out’! We want teachers who will articulate and develop the vision, ethos and values of Elite K12’s HD Schools by inspiring and empowering students and their parents within the community.

Successful candidates are likely to be educators in international schools, or western-based schools in their home countries, with a real desire to ‘make a significant difference’ within one of our empowering bi-lingual and bi-cultural schools here in China. In order to have acquired the necessary sound judgement, experience and skills set we envisage that our teachers are likely to have been in post for at least three years. We believe in the passion of teachers, so don’t let your age restrict you! Successful candidates will be driven by an energetic commitment to join our Teams in creating the best possible educational opportunities for the young people of China in one of our cities of operation; to raise children’s aspirations and transform their lives. 

Core Purposes of Teaching roles include:

  • Help establish a proven rise in students’ attainment over future years;
  • Via your own abilities in your teaching area - strengthen the curriculum offered and the quality of learning;
  • Maximize the performance of all your students through high quality care and support and learning & teaching which motivates, challenges and empowers them;
  • Develop the best combination of western and Chinese approaches for a personalized western & Chinese curriculum in your chosen age group or subject area;
  • Develop high quality educational approaches by working collaboratively with other teachers;
  • Actively promote, strengthen and nurture the HD School ethos and values, and ensuring that integrity, compassion and tolerance are evident throughout the School community;
  • Develop in all students in your care the versatile skills and attitudes required for lifelong learning in a rapidly changing world;
  • Where appropriate and in line with your contract, play a major part in the boarding life of the School, including evening duties/activities.


Key Responsibilities for all HD Teachers:

Teaching and Learning:

  • Plan, prepare and deliver instructional activities that facilitate active learning experiences for classes as designated by the Principal;
  • Prepare classroom environment for meaningful class activities;
  • Establish and communicate clear learning intentions for all activities;
  • Provide a variety of learning materials and resources for use in educational activities;
  • Use all relevant technology to support instruction, understanding & development;
  • Identify and select different instructional resources and methods to meet students' varying needs;
  • Regularly evaluate learning experiences and outcomes for students’ continual improvement;
  • Assign and grade class work, homework, tests and assignments in line with HD approaches;
  • Ensure that tasks are within the capabilities of all students and stretch students;
  • Cater for individual differences and provide for a variety of learning models and groupings, including PBL, flipped learning, integrated approaches.

Effective Teaching Strategies:

  • Have a thorough understanding of the purpose and aims of the HD Bilingual Schools Curriculum;
  • Ensure that teaching and learning is aligned with the School’s current Scope, Sequences and value added measures;
  • Establish a classroom environment where students feel secure and are comfortable to take risks;
  • Ensure that classroom/school resources are well managed;
  • Standards of acceptable behaviour are clearly stated and consistently/fairly applied;
  • All students are treated with respect; fairly and equally;
  • Ensure that the classroom is an attractive orderly place where equipment/resources are well managed.

Connections with Students:

  • Create an effective and challenging learning environment for each student;
  • Acknowledge each student’s improvement and effort;
  • Provide appropriate and timely feedback on work;
  • Encourage and monitor the progress of individual students;
  • Perform certain pastoral duties including student support, counselling students with academic problems and providing student encouragement;
  • Establish a rapport which enhances learning.

Communication and Cooperation:

  • Work co-operatively and supportively with other international & Chinese staff;
  • Share information, ideas and resources with colleagues;
  • Develop supportive and productive relationships with parents;
  • Communicate regularly with families through the Homework Diary and/or electronically.

Administrative Function:

  • Fulfill the administrative functions of the class, eg. attendance, check Homework Diary/emails, involvement with the School House system etc.;
  • Develop schemes of work and lesson plans;
  • Maintain accurate and complete records of students' progress and development;
  • Participate in department and school meetings, parent meetings;
  • Share assessment data and ensure it is archived;
  • Communicate with parents/caregivers in a timely fashion regarding student progress;
  • Prepare required reports on students and activities.

Contribution to the School Community:

  • Play a full part in the corporate life of the school;
  • Support the School’s image in the community;
  • Play an active part in the Boarding life of the school (as appropriate) & pastoral support duties (extended day initiatives);
  • Support policies and procedures currently in place.
Posted: February 2018
This is a Direct to School Job
Shanghai , China
February 2018
Licensed Teacher
Gr. 9, Gr. 10, Gr. 11, Gr. 12

Qualifications & Requirements

Teaching Credential/License
2 Years

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