Qingdao No 9 Sino-American Program is a part of Qingdao No. 9 High School of Shandong Province. The school was founded in 1900, and is a century-old famous school "famous in Qilu academic circles", a provincial key high school, a provincial standardized school, and Qingdao foreign language school.

Approved by Qingdao Education Bureau in 2013, Qingdao No. 9 High School launched a Sino-American cooperative education program(UHS). It integrates high school courses in Shandong Province, Honors courses in the United States, SUNY credit courses and TOEFL \SAT\AP study abroad courses. To provide high-quality education services for high school students who want to study abroad.

The current Sino-American program is still operating within Qingdao No. 9 High School. We maintain smaller class sizes and our program cooperates with the Chinese high school program. We strive to prepare high school students with Western-style learning opportunties to fully prepare them for university classes abroad. We have recently partnered with an American high school to provide incoming students with US diplomas.

Qingdao No 2 Sino-American Program is a new venture for Qingdao No 2 High School. Qingdao No 2 High School is the top-ranked public high school in the city of Qingdao. Students will be eager to learn in this new program starting. While the program will be small in the first year it will continue to grow in subsequent years. It will maintain smaller class sizes to have the maximum impact on student education.

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