Teach English abroad

Teach English abroad

Teaching English abroad is your ticket to world travel as well as a fulfilling career. Read on to find out everything you need to know about teaching English abroad this year, including the most popular destinations to teach English abroad, salaries and benefits for English teachers working abroad, and much more.

Teaching English abroad - A booming job market

Looking for a way to earn money and gain professional work experience, while getting a taste of the world and experiencing new cultures? It’s time to make that dream a reality this year by teaching English abroad.

English teachers abroad use their expertise as native English speakers to teach English to students of all ability levels and ages. With an estimated 1.5 billion, or one in seven people, currently learning English globally, there’s no shortage of opportunities for college graduates and licensed teachers looking to teach English abroad.

The majority of jobs teaching English abroad are concentrated in Asia. China alone has around 300 million English language learners and is projecting a shortage of almost 100,000 English teachers over the next three years, making it a hot job market for English teachers the world over.

Teaching English abroad

Teach English in China - The Explore Program

To meet the growing demand for English teachers in China, Teach Away has launched an initiative called the Explore Program. Teach Away’s Explore Program helps recent college graduates and licensed teachers land jobs teaching English abroad at some of the most reputable education institutions across China.

Teachers hired through the Explore Program can expect to earn a competitive salary and receive additional perks, including free housing, airfare, medical insurance and bonuses. To find out more about the latest English teaching jobs in China, check out the Explore Program.

Teach English in China

Options for teaching English abroad

Teaching English abroad - Options for college graduates

Teaching English abroad is fast growing in popularity with college graduates of all majors, who want to experience the world before settling into a long-term career back home.

Teaching English abroad is also a great option for new graduates looking to add marketable skills to their resume, as more and more employers look to hire job candidates with international work experience. Many recent college graduates who studied abroad for a semester also wish to continue living overseas, making teaching English abroad an attractive option for global-minded job seekers.

Teaching English abroad - Options for licensed teachers

Teaching English abroad isn’t just for college graduates. Licensed teachers are typically in high demand for the most competitive, top-paying English teaching positions at hiring schools overseas, particularly in prestigious international schools in regions like the Middle East.

More and more new teacher graduates, facing a difficult job market in their home country, also choose to teach English abroad as a way to build up relevant classroom experience for the future.

Many licensed, experienced teachers also opt to take their teaching career overseas. Teaching English abroad can be a great short-term option for qualified teachers experiencing a lack of job opportunities in their home country, as well as for educators looking to make a lifelong career out of teaching abroad.

Options for teaching English abroad

Teaching English abroad - Types of institutions

Most English teaching contracts abroad range from one to two years in length, with the option to extend. Jobs teaching English can be found at the following educational institutions worldwide:

Teaching English abroad - Private language schools

Private language schools and ESL (English as a second language) institutes offer a wealth of opportunities for both new grads and qualified teachers looking to teach English abroad.

With modern classrooms and great benefits, some of the most sought-after English teaching positions abroad can be found in language schools and ESL institutions throughout China. Check out Teach Away’s Explore Program for opportunities to teach in top private language schools in China.

Teaching English abroad - International schools

International schools are a great option for licensed, experienced educators looking to teach English abroad. Most international schools offer the IB (International Baccalaureate) program or follow curriculum from countries such as the US, Canada and the UK. Typically, teachers working in an international school will either teach English as a separate subject entirely, or their chosen subject with English as the medium of instruction.

Teaching English abroad - Teaching Business English

For those who are interested in teaching adults abroad, teaching business English has fast become a popular option among college graduates and ESL instructors looking to teach English abroad. Demand for teaching Business English is increasing as the world becomes more globalized and English continues to establish itself as the international language of commerce.

Teaching English abroad - Public schools

As a rough guideline, English teaching jobs at public schools or ministries of education worldwide seek to hire licensed teachers with prior teaching experience in their home country, with many public schools having strict policies in place to hire native teachers only. While it is still possible for licensed teachers to land a job teaching in a public school, opportunities tend to be limited.

Teaching English abroad

Top destinations for teaching English abroad

Where should you teach English abroad?

Getting paid to travel the world. Sounds like a dream, right? But teaching English abroad can make that dream a reality!

So, where in the world should you go? Take the quiz to find out where you should teach English abroad:

Where is the best place to teach abroad?

From China to Korea, we’ve covered the world's best places to teach English abroad!

English teaching salary calculator

Want to know how much money you can make as an English teacher in China, Thailand or Spain? Use our Teach Abroad Salary Calculator to find out!

Requirements for teaching English abroad

Requirements for teaching English abroad - Private language schools

A Bachelor’s degree, in any field, is generally the minimum requirement to teach English abroad in a private language school. Candidates do not need to hold a degree in education and teaching experience is usually not required, making it a great option for recent college graduates.

It is, however, recommended that you complete an ESL training program, such as a TEFL certificate, when applying to teach English abroad, to prove to hiring schools overseas you have the skills and capability to teach English language learners.   

As private language schools abroad want their students to be fully immersed in the English language, you are also not required to speak the native language of the country you are working in.

Requirements for teaching English abroad - International schools

For teachers looking to teach English abroad at an international school, candidates are usually required to hold a teaching license and have at least two years of full-time teaching experience.

Requirements for teaching English abroad

Salaries and benefits while teaching English abroad

Salaries when teaching English abroad vary depending on the country and area in which you are working. A candidate’s experience level and qualifications will also play a role in determining teaching salary. Countries in Asia, especially China and South Korea, are known for offering highly-competitive compensation packages and a high standard of living to new teacher arrivals.

The following table provides a brief overview of what to expect in terms of salaries, benefits and living costs while teaching English abroad:

CountryAverage Monthly Teaching SalaryBenefitsCost of Living
China10,000 - 22,000 RMB (approx. $1,400 - 3,300 USD)Airfare, housing allowance, vacation time, health insuranceLow
Japan¥250,000 - 300,000 (approx. $2,200 - 2,625 USD)Airfare, health insurance, end-of-contract bonusLow in rural areas
South Korea1.8 - 3.0 million KRW (approx. $1,500 - 2,600 USD)Airfare, 50% health insurance, contract completion bonus, rural replacement bonusMedium in urban areas
TaiwanNT 40,000 - 62,000 (approx. $1,260 - 1,900 USD)Airfare, health insurance, housing allowanceVery low
UAE (United Arab Emirates)$2,400 - 5,500 USDAirfare, health insurance, housing, tuition, end-of-contractHousing costs are high
Spain€700 - 1,800 (approx. $750 - 1,950 USD)Paid vacationLower in rural areas
Brazil1,000 - 4,000 BRLHousing allowanceLow

Teaching English abroad - Where to find jobs

As the majority of candidates prefer the security of securing a job offer prior to their departure, most teach abroad job searches start online. The Teach Away job board is a great source for a large number of jobs teaching English abroad, across more than 60 countries.

Many schools hiring English teachers from overseas choose not to conduct in-person interviews. Instead, the hiring process, including interviews, take place remotely, either over the phone or via online video. Candidates will also need to deal with different time zones as well as a potential language barrier when applying for English teaching positions abroad.

When applying to teach English abroad, it’s important to select a well-established recruitment company. Teach Away is committed to placing teaching candidates with the most reputable education institutions, offering strong compensation packages and a great working environment. Additionally, there is also no fee for candidates placed in a teaching job abroad through Teach Away.

Teaching English abroad

Teaching English abroad - Hiring

Peak hiring times will vary from region to region and country to country, as well as the type of educational institution hiring. While it is possible to find a job teaching English year round, in general, interviews tend to coincide with the end of winter and summer vacations and the beginning of a new school semester. It’s worth doing some planning and research on the countries you’re most interested in teaching in, to ensure you don't miss out on any upcoming recruitment drives.

In countries with a major ESL market, such as China, South Korea and Thailand, thousands of jobs teaching English at private language schools are open year round. If you’re looking to teach English abroad this year, applications to teach English in China are currently being accepted from candidates interested in teaching English in China though the Explore Program.

Teaching English abroad - Hiring

Teach English abroad

Take the first step towards your new teaching and traveling adventure!