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Over 2,000 schools across the globe trust Teach Away to find great teachers. With over two decades of international recruitment experience across all school types, we have unique solutions for every school.

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Find and hire excellent teachers faster with the world’s most-visited job platform. Connect with the largest network of international educators and attract the best candidates for your school.

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Upskill and retain teachers with modern, 21st-century teaching standards on a U.S. curriculum. Our comprehensive Teacher Development Program equips your teachers with the skills they need to excel.

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Provide students with instant access to certified teachers at the click of a button through unlimited online tutoring.

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Our customized programs have helped thousands of international schools attract top talent, support ongoing professional growth, and foster a culture of excellence.

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Trusted by international schools for 20 years and counting

Teach Away has been a great tool for our school during this hiring season. We generally search for international candidates to add to the diversity of our teaching staff. The quality and volume of the Teach Away candidates are impressive. I felt like I had difficult choices with each position I hired.

The difficult part was choosing which candidate was not going to receive an offer from us. We have had several candidates accept offers, and they will be teaching for us next school year.

In addition to the candidate pool, the customer service team was outstanding. Even though it was intuitive, having the customer service representative walk us through the dashboard and other features gave us that initial boost of confidence to start posting jobs and searching for teachers.

Thank you Teach Away for making what is generally a very stressful process, an easy-to-operate process with international candidates that are qualified, and interested in being a part of our team.”

Berkeley Academy Costa Rica

I have been using Teach Away for 8 years now. I can say that the school has grown along with Teach Away and the platform possibilities.

I can say that most of my English speaking teachers find us through Teach Away or that we find them through Teach Away. I like Teach Away because I can select candidates easily according to the criteria that are important for us as a school.

The quality of applicants is good because Teach Away allows for a wide range of candidates coming from very different backgrounds and countries as well as with diverse levels of experience.

The service of the support team has always been a huge plus. None of my queries was left unanswered and whenever I had requests Teach Away has always helped me to achieve recruitment goals.

The fees for the use of the platform are also affordable which is not a minor plus.

International Trilingual School of Warsaw, Poland

“Teach Away is an amigable and user-friendly platform. Northridge School Mexico has been using it since February 2022 and it has provided us with a very broad, qualified and diverse source of candidates. Furthermore, Customer Service is outstanding, always ready to help and always going the extra mile to make sure that we make the most out of the platform. It has been a significant upgrade to our resourcing function.”

Northridge School Mexico

“The Teach Away website has been our primary source for finding highly qualified, energetic, passionate teachers from the U.S. at a price point that works for a small school such as ours. TeachAway has expanded its platform over the years as well. Their client support from a school perspective is fantastic and they have listened to the feedback we have provided based on our experience. They will continue to be #1 resource for recruiting top teachers to our small school in the Republic of Panama.”

Five stars Academy

“The Teach Away platform services are really good. We have experienced great online fairs, and we really appreciate the quick response and assistance from the customer service.”

The Universal American School Kuwait

sarh al jaameah private school SAPS logo

“The services provided by Teach Away have enabled us to connect with candidates from around the world. The dashboard and the hiring fairs have helped us to secure placements much faster than working alone.”

Sarh Al Jaameah Private School

“We’ve been with TeachAway for the last 4 years. Their professional, user-friendly platform has helped us greatly in sourcing and hiring qualified and talented certified teachers for our school. We are regular participants at the TeachAway online job fairs, which are very well organized and recently enhanced with candidate pre-screening and chat prescheduling, features which have optimized the efficiency of the 3-hour virtual events. With its large and highly diversified talent pool, technical reliability, outstanding customer service and keenness on receiving feedback and constantly making enhancements, TeachAway is our reliable partner in international teacher recruitment.”

Hayat Universal School (HUBS)

“Our experience with Teach Away has been a truly phenomenal one. Our teach abroad program would not be where it is now if it weren’t for the incredible support the Teach Away team provides to connect our program with excited and interested teachers looking for an adventure abroad. Teach Away’s staff is super responsive and fun to work with. They are a true educational partner to us, and our relationship with them will be a very long one.”

RVF International

“We have been using Teach Away for a couple of years now, and it has honestly been a great experience. In terms of actually using the platform on the Teach Away website, it is extremely user friendly and easy to navigate. It allows you to use a variety of useful filters and access the candidates you are looking for right away! It also allows you to access accurate statistics on their website, so you can keep track of your progress and illuminate your most successful demographics. Personally, Teach Away has been a reliable source of qualified TEFL teachers for us for several years. Teach Away also offers great support when you need any assistance whatsoever.”

Monkey Tree English Learning Center

“We have been a Teach Away subscriber for many years now and we are very happy with the number of applications that we are receiving from the platform. The portal is easy to navigate and has a lot of very helpful features such as database access, online job fairs, etc… that allows me to reach more candidates. I also commend the support that we are getting from the team. They always ensure that we get the best from our subscription and are always prompt in responding to any of our concerns or issues. We are looking forward to partnering with Teach Away for many years to come!”


“Working with TeachAway has been extremely easy and beneficial for us. As a global marketplace for online language learning, we are in constant need of Tutors from all over the world to teach on our marketplace, and we’ve been able to find many qualified Tutors through TeachAway. The platform itself is easy and straightforward to use, and I’ve always been able to get quick and clear answers from our Customer Success Manager. Overall, we’ve had a very positive experience with Teach Away.”


“We have been using Teach Away for more than 5 years, and it is always a successful experience! I use Teach Away as my primary source to find exceptional candidates.”

Metropolitan school

“Whenever we need qualified teachers, we place an ad on the site of TeachAway because 1. Most of the applicants are qualified and have some teaching experience. 2. We have already hired many teachers from the site and they performed really well. Besides, Rebecca has been very supportive and we really appreciate it.”

Education Network Corp

“We turned to TeachAway based on the size of the active database of qualified teachers interested in overseas teaching. We started with the platform in October and had largely completed all of our staffing needs by January, hiring nearly 20 teachers. The support from the team was great and the platform is easy to use and to track. I highly suggest using TeachAway to help find and hire great teachers!”

Canadian School Guadalajara

“Our experience with the Teach Away platform has been great. It has allowed us to hire five teachers and a Principal this year so far. The website has allowed us to view several dozens of candidates for each position we posted. Although some candidates do not meet our minimum requirements, several do and respond when we contact them directly. The service provided by Rebecca, our Customer Success Manager, has been exceptional. She responded to each one of our emails usually within a few hours of sending them. I highly recommend the Teach Away platform to any school looking for staff and to any individual in the education sector who is looking for an experience teaching or working abroad.”

British West Indies Collegiate

“Teach Away offers an easy-to-use interface that allows teachers to see job postings. Our school found quality applicants in a matter of days, and with the intuitive interface and profile system, it was easy to identify quality applicants and contact them. Teach Away also offers comprehensive support for schools trying to get the most out of their ads, their school pages, and their job postings. This support has helped our program reach the quality applicants on the Teach Away program; I cannot recommend them enough for schools of any size looking to fill their teaching positions.”

Qingdao No.9 High School Program

“We’ve been using Teach Away for over 3 years now and it has become our best resource to hire international teachers. We like the fact that it is very easy to use and it provides a lot of information about the candidates. There are many candidates and a lot of diversity. They have amazing follow ups and we always have someone to support and answer our questions. We always attend the virtual fairs and they are very useful. We would love to attend an in-person job fair, we believe it would be very beneficial, and maybe this is something that will happen in the future. The Teach Away team is always updating the website and creating new tools to help with hiring. We fully recommend using Teach Away as a tool to hire international teachers.”

Colegio Interamericano Guatemala

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Over 60,000 candidates apply for roles on Teach Away each month. It may feel like a race against the clock, but there’s still time left to find and hire quality educators, even in the summer.

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