Top English teaching jobs in Middle East

Here’s a few of the best teaching jobs in Middle East to make your job hunt a little easier!

Jebel Hafit mountains at dusk to enjoy while you teach in Al Ain UAE
Explore the ancient garden city oasis of Al Ain in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, a realm brimming with rich history, remarkable landscapes, and endless educational opportunities. Learn more about getting your teacher certification and find your next teaching job in Al Ain.

Buildings in Abu Dhabi at sunset for teachers living in Abu Dhabi to view
Abu Dhabi is the capital city of UAE and is the second most populous city. Experienced educators or administrators seeking positions in the UAE can find great opportunities in Abu Dhabi.

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Teach in Bahrain
Teaching in Bahrain allows educators to get to know this small but powerful island nation. Teaching jobs in Bahrain offer excellent salaries and benefits.

City on the water for teachers teaching in Dubai, UAE to visit
Dubai is an extravagant, world-class city nestled in the heart of the Arabian Gulf. Looking for teaching jobs in Dubai? There are many opportunities for both teachers and admin to get hired. Private international schools are always looking to fill positions year-round.

Looking to teach English abroad? Get hired with a TEFL certification.

Teach in Egypt
Teaching in Egypt gives you the chance to immerse yourself in a land rich in both culture and history. From the Nile to the iconic Sphinx and Pyramids, it’s a country that calls out to be explored. Situated near the border of the Middle East and Africa – it’s an exciting gateway to two enthralling regions.

Teach in Iraq
Teaching in Iraq offers the opportunity to live in the cradle of civilization - a nation with history reaching back to the beginnings of human development and one poised for significant socio-political and economic growth.

Teach in Jordan
Teach in Jordan and surround yourself with fascinating remnants of ancient civilization in the home of arguably the Middle East's most astonishing landmark.

Teaching in Kuwait
Teaching jobs in Kuwait offer an exceptional teaching opportunity for educators looking to teach abroad. Teachers can earn a teaching salary with a premium benefits package while living in one of the wealthiest nations in the Middle East.

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Teach in Lebanon
Teaching jobs in Lebanon can be found with private international schools. public schools and ESL colleges, and offer a unique experience of the Middle East. Growing demand for English tuition means there is currently high demand for ESL instructors.

Teaching in Oman
Find teaching jobs in Oman, ranging from private international schools to language schools throughout the country. There is a definitive focus on teaching in Oman because it is one of the fastest-growing countries in the Middle East. Explore an engaging culture while earning a competitive, tax-free salary and notable benefits.

City architecture in Qatar for teachers applying for teaching jobs in Qatar to visit
Qatar is a popular destination for educators interested in teaching in the Middle East. Teaching jobs in Qatar are open to licensed teachers, and typically require 2 years of previous experience.

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Teach English in Saudi Arabia
Teach Away offers English teaching jobs in Saudi Arabia at a number of institutions, including private international schools, ESL schools and language institutes, and universities and colleges. Teaching in Saudi Arabia can be a very lucrative opportunity for licensed teachers and ESL instructors alike.

Teach in Yemen
Yemen is alive with ancient mythology and mystery. Teaching jobs in Yemen are available in government-run schools, or private and international schools. As Yemen is linked to some of the oldest civilizations, it offers an utterly distinct experience for those looking to teach abroad.