Top English teaching jobs in China

Teaching English in China

The doors to the world’s second-largest economy, China, have swung wide open for educators worldwide. With an increasing need for English teachers, there’s no better time than now to explore exciting teaching jobs in China. An unmatched blend of cultural immersion, competitive salary packages, and professional development awaits your arrival. The clock is ticking, and your dream job in China beckons!

Experience the Phenomenon: Teach English in China

China, the globe’s largest learning hub, invites ESL teachers and licensed educators to participate in its transformational journey. With its rich cultural heritage, thriving economy, and profound reverence for education, China is undoubtedly an ideal destination for any educator. If you’ve ever contemplated teaching English abroad, obtaining a TEFL certification is your ticket to a thriving career in China.

Borders in China have reopened!

Good news! China, in its significant move towards normalcy since the pandemic, resumed issuing visas to foreign tourists on March 15, 2023. This development ushers in a new era for teaching jobs in China, with businesses and educational institutions buzzing with newfound energy.

Schools Hiring Across Mainland China

China’s extensive education network is actively hiring ESL/EAL and K-12 teachers across the mainland. Whether it’s bustling cities like Guangdong, Qingdao, Yantai, Nanjing, Hefei, Chongqing, or Beijing, the perfect teaching job awaits you in China. So, don’t hesitate – seize the day and secure your spot in the Chinese education scene!

Requirements to teach English in China

Whether you’re considering private language schools or prestigious international schools, teaching in China has certain prerequisites.

Private language schools

The minimum criteria for securing a job in a private language school typically include a Bachelor’s degree and a TEFL certificate. While teaching experience is preferred, it’s not a strict requirement. This flexibility presents an excellent opportunity for educators starting their ESL teaching journey.

International schools

International schools in China look for candidates with a Bachelor’s degree, a teaching license from the applicant’s home country, and at least two years of full-time teaching experience. These positions offer a chance to engage with students in an internationally-oriented learning environment.

ESL teachers can visit historic cities while teaching English in China

Why Choose China For Your Teaching Career?

Why wait when a booming job market awaits ESL teachers in China? Estimates suggest that China faces a shortage of around 100,000 English teachers, a figure expected to rise in the coming years. China’s growing enthusiasm for English learning, coupled with its world’s largest education system, offers a plethora of opportunities for fresh graduates and licensed teachers.
Moreover, the competitive salaries, additional perks like free housing, airfare, medical insurance, and bonuses make China the world’s leading ESL hotspot.
Great Wall of China - Teach English in China

Teaching English in Private Language Schools

The number of students enrolling in private schools has seen a steep rise in the last decade, indicating a surge in demand for native English-speaking ESL teachers. The exponential increase in young English learners and adults seeking to advance their careers via English proficiency predicts a bright future for ESL educators in China.
Teach English in China

International Schools: The Apex of Teaching English in China

The growing popularity of international schools in China is testament to the Chinese passion for English and its association with success. The international schools in China offer world-class facilities, smaller class sizes, and diverse curriculum offerings, including International Baccalaureate (IB), Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), and Advanced Placement (AP) programs.
English language learner learning from an ESL teacher teaching English in China

If you’re unsure about living and teaching English in China, why not explore our quick guides to get a feel for what life in this country might be like:

Teach English Online: A Convenient Alternative

If a flexible, part-time teaching job appeals to you, China’s booming demand for online English education offers an excellent opportunity. Armed with the necessary skills and experience, you can now teach English online to Chinese students right from your home.

Student learning from an online teacher who teaches English online in China

Perks and Benefits of Teaching English in China

In addition to an attractive monthly salary, private language schools often offer a comprehensive benefits package, including free flights and housing, contract completion bonuses, health insurance, and ongoing professional development opportunities. Furthermore, free Mandarin lessons provide teachers with an exciting chance to learn one of the world’s most in-demand languages.

Teaching Benefit Type Teaching Benefit Details
Monthly Salary Salary ranges for teachers in China vary depending on qualifications and experience. Teacher salaries are also adjusted to account for the significantly lower cost of living in certain locations in China.
Accommodation Furnished apartment/housing allowance often included
Airfare Return airfare often included
Working Hours Up to 40 hours/week, 5 days a week
Vacation 10 vacation days; all national holidays
Health Insurance Provided
Extra Benefits Paid orientation and training, completion bonus, free Mandarin language lessons

China teaching salary calculator

Want to know how much money you can make teaching in China? Use our Teach Abroad Salary Calculator to find out!

Visa Requirements for Teaching in China

Securing a teaching job in China requires a Z Visa, which your employer will assist you in obtaining. Be prepared to provide evidence of a Bachelor’s degree, a passport from a native English-speaking country, and ideally a TEFL certificate and some teaching experience.

Please contact a Chinese embassy or consulate near you for more information.

ESL teachers who meet the visa requirements can visit the great wall of china while teaching English in China

Experience Life in China

Living in China is about more than just work; it’s about experiencing an ancient culture, rich in history and diversity. The cost of living is substantially cheaper compared to western countries, ensuring your income stretches further for weekend activities, travel, and savings. From the charm of ancient history to the allure of high-tech cities, China offers an unrivaled experience for expat teachers.

The clock is ticking, and your perfect teaching job in China awaits. Seize this opportunity and embark on an unforgettable journey that promises growth, adventure, and a rich cultural experience. Start your China adventure now!

Teaching English in China means ESL teachers living in China can visit historic downtown cities

Your new teaching adventure is waiting

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China at a glance

Country information

Capital: Beijing, China

Language: Standard Mandarin

Population: 1,387,720,133

Currency: Renminbi (yuan) (¥)

Major religion: Buddhism, Taoism

Climate: Varied: wet/dry seasons

Size: Land area - 3.7 million sq. miles (9.6 million sq. km)

Quick facts

China shares borders with the following countries: Afghanistan, Bhutan, Myanmar, India, Kazakhstan, North Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Russia, Tajikistan and Vietnam.

China has the second highest number of UNESCO world heritage sites - 50 in total to date.

Every five days, a new skyscraper is built in China. In fact, last year, a property developer in China built a 57-story skyscraper in just 19 days!

China has four megacities of over 10 million people, the highest number of any country in the world.

Only 7% of the Chinese population categorize themselves as religious, making China the least religious country in the world.

Pork is a huge staple of the Chinese diet - in fact, one out of every two pigs are located in China.

As China has a single time zone, people in parts of the country experience sunset at midnight during the summer and sunrise at 10 am in the winter.