Native English Teacher - St. Lorraine KindergartenFeatured Job
Start in Kowloon, Hong Kong - Aug 2016
Eligible Candidates:
Licensed Teacher, University Graduate, ESL Instructor
Grade Level:
KG, Gr. 1, Gr. 2, Gr. 3, Gr. 4
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What is the NET Scheme?

Since 1998, Native-Speaking English Teachers (NETs) have been teaching in secondary schools in Hong Kong. Shortly after, in 2002, NETs were placed in primary (elementary) schools throughout the region.

The NET scheme aims to support and strengthen English language learning and teaching in Hong Kong. The main goals of the schemes are to:

  1. Provide an authentic environment for children to learn English and develop their confidence using English for communication
  2. Develop innovative learning and teaching methods, materials, curriculum and activities suited to the needs of local students
  3. Promote the professional development of teachers
  4. Encourage effective networking amongst schools
  5. Disseminate good practices in language learning and teaching developed within the scheme through regional teacher development programs and experience sharing workshops

The NET program looks to continually advance the teaching of English in Hong Kong. The Secondary NET scheme allocates one Native-Speaking English Teacher to each school. Each Native-Speaking English Teacher in the Primary NET Scheme will teach at one assigned school.

Primary Native-Speaking English Teacher Scheme

Primary Native-Speaking English Teachers (PNET) in Hong Kong will work at only one school. PNET’s may co-teach English in a primary (elementary) school with a local English Teacher. The expectations of a Primary Native-Speaking English teacher in Hong Kong are to maintain innovative teaching activities, assist in professional development of school based curriculum and to work within the community of the school. Different schools will vary in different aspects such as the background of the students, school culture, etc.

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Image - Primary Native-Speaking English Teacher Scheme

Enhanced Native-Speaking English Teacher Scheme

Secondary Native-Speaking English Teachers (SNET) in Hong Kong work at one school. Secondary NET’s may co-teach English in a secondary school with a local English teacher. The duties of Secondary Native-Speaking English Teachers in Hong Kong are typical teaching activities, assisting in professional development of local teachers and working within the community of the school. Secondary schools in Hong Kong will vary in different aspects such as the background of the students, school culture,and gender mix of the students (i.e. co-ed or single sex).

Read more about the SNET program in Hong Kong.

Image - Enhanced Native-Speaking English Teacher Scheme

NET Scheme School Locations in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is separated into 18 different administrative regions. An applicant can request a specific region, but the Hong Kong Bureau of Education will determine the placements based on need and availability. Currently, Teach Away is recruiting for positions in each of the 18 administrative regions.

Teaching in Hong Kong - 18 Administrative Regions

New Territories - Kowloon - Hong Kong Island

  1. Islands 10 – Kowloon City 15 – Central & Western
  2. Kwai Tsing 11 – Kwun Tong 16 – Eastern
  3. North 12 – Sham Shui Po 17 – Southern
  4. Sai Kung 13 – Wong Tai Sin 18 – Wan Chai
  5. Sha Tin 14 – Yau Tsim Mong
  6. Tai Po
  7. Tsuen Wan
  8. Tuen Mun
  9. Yuen Long
Image - NET Scheme School Locations in Hong Kong

Program Duration

Native English Teachers (NETs) in Hong Kong are employed for a two year contract.

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Hong Kong Native-Speaking English Teacher (NET) Responsibilities

Teachers who are accepted into the NET Scheme to teach English in Hong Kong have the following basic responsibilities:

  1. Undertaking teaching duties and trying out good teaching models/practices related to the learning, teaching and assessment of English.
  2. Organizing and conducting extra-curricular activities related to English learning and teaching such as school-based English day camps, story-telling activities, drama, songs, verse speaking, extensive reading, etc.
  3. Providing support for the English panel, including school-based curriculum development and professional development as well as preparing and developing learning/teaching materials.
  4. Acting as an adviser on language teaching and learning and as a language resource person.

Teaching in Hong Kong - Benefits

Accommodation in Hong Kong

All NETs will receive an allowance of HK$16,859/month to assist with accommodation. The housing allowance is based on the average cost of an 800 sq. foot apartment across all of Hong Kong. In addition, teachers will receive assistance in finding suitable accommodation. Married couples will only receive one housing allowance.

Flight to Hong Kong

Teachers who are accepted in the program will be reimbursed for return airfare from their home country to Hong Kong once per contract. Teachers traveling with families are reimbursed for up to 5 family members. To assist with moving costs associated with moving to Hong Kong, teachers are also entitled to claim baggage allowance.

Salary for Teaching in Hong Kong

Salary ranges from HK$23,530 to HK$54,665 (approximately $3,000-$7,000 USD) per month.

Teaching Salary Bonuses

Teachers whose performance is satisfactory throughout the year will receive 15% gratuity at completion of contract. In addition, a cash retention incentive of 5% or 10% of basic salary may be provided to eligible NETs for the satisfactory completion of their second contract for teaching in Hong Kong.

Image - Teaching in Hong Kong - Benefits

Hong Kong at a Glance

Country Information

Language - Chinese (Spoken Cantonese), English

Population - 7,061,200

Currency - Hong Kong dollar (HKD)

Government - Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China

Major Religion - Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity

Climate - Humid subtropical

Quick Facts
  • Hong Kong became a Special Administrative Region of China on 1st July 1997.
  • Hong Kong has a wholly separate legal system to China.
  • Hong Kong has the most skyscrapers in the world.
  • The city’s name, Hong Kong means “Fragrant Harbor.”
  • Eating noodles on your birthday is believed to extend your life.

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