Top English teaching jobs in Africa

Here’s a few of the best teaching jobs in Africa to make your job hunt a little easier!

Teach in Botswana
Botswana is one of Africa’s leading tourist economies, largely due to its spectacular wildlife and iconic scenery. Teaching jobs in Botswana attract adventurous and motivated educators who wish to provide much-needed services to people of all ages seeking an education.

Teach in Cameroon
One of West Africa’s most diverse countries, Cameroon is a mix of French and English-speaking areas, with hundreds of local languages spoken across the country as well. With a relatively stable infrastructure and warm, friendly residents, Cameroon is a fantastic place to teach in Africa.

Teach in Eritrea
Eritrea is an Eastern African gem that’s opening up to the world and offering unique experiences for the truly adventurous at heart. Certified teachers can take advantage of teaching jobs at international schools in Eritrea’s architecturally stunning capital, Asmara.

teaching jobs in ethiopia
As one of the oldest countries in the world and the only African country that has never been colonized, Ethiopia has a storied past. Teaching in Ethiopia has a lot to offer for the history buff as many historians believe Ethiopia to be the beginning of mankind as the oldest fossils were found here.

Teach in Ghana
It’s hard not to feel energized in progressive, optimistic Ghana. From the noisy and historic streets of Accra to the beauty of the northern plains, Ghana has a number of teaching opportunities for licensed teachers, as well as English teachers hoping to teach in Africa.

Teach in Guinea
Teaching jobs in Guinea offer exciting opportunities for adventurous educators interested in immersing themselves in West African culture. Experienced teachers can find positions at international schools in the country’s bustling capital, Conakry.

Teach in Kenya
Kenya has both English teaching jobs and classroom teaching jobs for licensed teachers in its international schools.

Teaching in Malawi
Malawi is currently facing one of the world’s most acute shortages. As a result, the country’s numerous international schools offer fantastic career opportunities for licensed, experienced educators.

teach english in morocco
Quickly rising in stature as one of the world’s top tourist destinations, Morocco has some of the top English teaching jobs in the Middle East. It also offers fantastic career opportunities for licensed teachers to teach English in Morocco's many international schools.

teaching in mozambique
Mozambique, often referred to as a “backpacker’s paradise,” is home to barely touched beaches, epic safaris and rich culture of arts and crafts. A unique place to teach, its schools are looking for both licensed and ESL teachers.

Teach in Nigeria
Teach in Nigeria and get to know life in one of the most powerful and populated nations on the African continent. Whether living in the coastal city of Lagos or the country’s central rural villages, teachers can expect to earn excellent benefits while teaching in vibrant and lively Nigeria.

Teach in Senegal
Teaching jobs in Senegal are a great way to teach abroad in Africa, allowing teachers to soak up all that Africa has to offer. Teaching jobs in Senegal also offer comprehensive salary and benefits.

Teach in Sierra Leone
Providing every child with a quality education is a development priority in Sierra Leone. Passionate educators can make a real impact helping build a strong foundation for learning in this beautiful country.

Teach in Sudan
Teaching jobs in Sudan allow teachers from around the world to experience some of Africa's warmest hospitality. Teaching in Sudan is an adventure for truly dedicated teachers.

Teach in Tanzania
Tanzania is a land of extremes - it houses Africa’s highest peak as well as its lowest point, and is also home to a portion of the continent’s largest lake. Teachers who wish to explore some of Africa’s most fascinating geography can do so while teaching in Tanzania.

Teach in Tunisia
Friendly, laid-back Tunisia is a highlight of Mediterranean Africa. With many teaching jobs for licensed teachers and ESL teachers, this northern African country boasts historic ruins and beautiful beaches, all within a culture known for its relaxed attitude and friendly residents.

Teach in Uganda
Uganda, commonly referred to as the “Pearl of Africa” is not only a true cultural melting pot in Africa. It also offers fantastic career opportunities for both licensed and ESL teachers at the country’s many international, language and public schools.

Teach in Zambia
Teaching in Zambia is a chance to experience a country in Southern Africa explored by only the most adventurous travelers. English is the official language of schools, and teaching jobs in private international schools offer excellent salaries for qualified teachers.