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Options for teaching in Malawi

Experts believe that education is key to alleviating poverty in Malawi. In an effort to boost Malawi’s youth literacy rate of 77% and decrease the student/teacher ratio, which currently sits at 76:1, the Malawian government has committed to allocate 18% of its national budget towards education.
With this increased government investment and support from various international organizations, the education system in Malawi is poised to improve its student learning outcomes exponentially over the coming years.
From elementary and secondary public schools to international schools and language centers, there are a wide variety of teaching jobs in Malawi for overseas educators across all subjects and experience levels.

Certified teaching jobs in Malawi

International schools in Malawi

Certified teachers looking for opportunities to teach in Malawi can do so in international/IB World schools. Teaching jobs are available at the preschool through high school level. The majority of international schools are located in Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi, or other cities such as Blantyre and Zomba. There are only a very small number of fully international schools and competition can be high for a teaching career in this friendly corner of the world.
For international schools in Malawi, the school year runs from mid-August to mid-June, following a typical North American calendar.

English teaching jobs in Malawi

Private language schools in Malawi

Demand is high in Malawi for English teachers and volunteer TEFL jobs, meaning English teaching jobs can be found in language schools across the country, with students of all ages.

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Options for teaching in Malawi

Requirements to teach in Malawi

Teaching English in Malawi – Requirements for ESL teachers

Typically, the minimum requirements to land a job in a private language school in Malawi include a bachelor’s degree, native English proficiency and a TEFL certificate. Teaching experience, while considered an asset, is not strictly required.

Teaching in Malawi – Requirements for certified teachers

Teachers looking to teach at an international school in Malawi should hold a bachelor’s degree, a teaching license and at least two years of relevant, full-time teaching experience.

Requirements to teach in Malawi

Salary and benefits while teaching in Malawi

International schools in Malawi offer a lucrative benefits package on top of your monthly salary as well as free flights, medical insurance and housing.

Teaching Benefit Type Teaching Benefit Details
Monthly Salary $1,750/month
Accommodation Provided
Airfare Provided
Baggage allowance $500 allowance provided
Working Hours Up to 40 hours/week, 5 days a week
Vacation June – August plus all national holidays
Health Insurance Provided
End-of-year bonus Provided

Visas for overseas teachers in Malawi

Visit the Malawi government site for everything you need to know about obtaining a visa to teach in Malawi.
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Living in Malawi

An unspoiled, peaceful country in southeastern Africa, Malawi is otherwise known as the “Warm Heart of Africa” for good reason. Not only is Malawi home to stunning landscapes and locals who are known for being exceptionally approachable to visitors and expats, the country’s capital, Lilongwe, also boasts a low cost of living, relative ease of travel and vibrant culture. In short, Malawi is a great place to start off your African teaching adventure.
Malawi is a wonderful place to work with “big 5” game parks, mountains, lakes and endless opportunities for travel and exploration. Magnificent Lake Malawi is one of Africa’s best-kept secrets, with clear waters and miles of golden, uncrowded sandy beaches. While more and more tourists have discovered Malawi in recent years, the country is home to some of most untouched wildlife reserves and parks in the world, offering plenty of stargazing and hiking opportunities for adventurous teachers.
We encourage you to eat like a local when teaching in Malawi. Not only is it cheaper, but the street food is some of the tastiest and most inventive in the world.
While traffic jams are a rarity in Malawi, the public transport system is well developed, with buses going almost anywhere in the country. If you’re looking to explore neighboring countries (like Zambia, Mozambique and Tanzania), then you’re in luck. Malawi is serviced by two international airports, located in Lilongwe and Blantyre.
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Malawi at a glance

Country information

Capital: Lilongwe

Language: Chichewa, English

Population: 18 million

Currency: Malawian kwacha

Government: Multiparty republic

Major religion: Christianity, Islam

Climate: Tropical

Quick facts

Lake Malawi, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is the fourth largest fresh water lake in the world and home to more species of fish than any other lake.

Primary school was made free in Malawi starting in 1994, which boosted enrollment from 1.6 million to three million children.

Maize is the dominant food crop and the majority of people live on farming.

Malwai has been voted safer to live than both the UK and the United States.

Malawi is landlocked and borders with Zambia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

Human remains dating all the way back to 8,000 BC have been discovered in Malawi.

Malawi is the first country outside of Denmark to have a Carlsberg factory, making beer a cheap beverage option for expat teachers!