Top English teaching jobs in Central and South America

Here’s a few of the best teaching jobs in Central and South America to make your job hunt a little easier!

Teach English in Argentina
Teach English in Argentina for the opportunity to live abroad in this South American nation that has long enchanted visitors with its passion, color, and stunning scenery.

Teach in Aruba
As the most visited island in the southern Caribbean, Aruba isn’t the place for teachers looking for a secluded escape, but if you want to see some of the best Caribbean beaches and enjoy a charming capital city with a small-town vibe, teaching in Aruba is the place for you.

Teaching in Belize
As a predominantly English-speaking country, teaching in Belize offers the chance for teachers to progress their skills to the next level, against the backdrop of a colorful Caribbean way of life.

Teach in Bermuda
Breathtaking coastline, a tranquil atmosphere, and friendly people make the tiny nation of Bermuda a sought-after location to teach abroad.

Teach in Bolivia
From Andes to Amazon, Bolivia has plenty to inspire teachers looking for adventure. With over 30 official languages, the country is as diverse as it is beautiful, but modern economic development has also brought the need for English-language education. English teachers are in high demand, and opportunities to teach English abroad are available throughout the country.

Teach English in Brazil
Teach English in Brazil for an opportunity to experience South American culture while teaching in international schools. Boasting a multicultural population, modern cities, and over nine thousand kilometers of beaches, teaching in Brazil is a unique way to explore the tropics.

Teach English in Chile
Teaching in Chile is a cultural experience like no other. As well as teaching enthusiastic students, English teachers can enjoy this geographically diverse nation by exploring its northern desert regions, small Andes villages, or picturesque Patagonian south.

Teach English in Colombia
Teaching jobs in Colombia are much sought-after, and with good reason. Teaching English in Colombia allows teachers to experience colorful South American life while teaching at excellent schools.

teach in curaçao
Certified teachers and ESL teachers looking to teach abroad in Curaçao can find teaching jobs either at public language schools or private international schools across the country. Curaçao is a top choice for English-speaking teachers who want to take advantage of the island's vibrant and ethnically diverse culture.

Teach in Ecuador
Ecuador’s dazzling wildlife and natural beauty make it a perfect choice for teaching in South America. With jobs in private schools, language institutes, universities, and public schools, teachers with a variety of experiences will find interesting positions.

Ornate historic building ESL teachers will find in El Salvador
El Salvador offers some of the most diverse wildlife and finest beaches for surfing anywhere in the world. With an economic focus on entrepreneurship and increased tourism, this hidden gem won’t remain hidden for long.

teach english in guatemala
With Mayan culture still forming the foundation of its modern identity, but colonial Spanish influence in its language and architecture, Guatemala is one of Central America’s most diverse countries. Teaching English in Guatemala is a great experience for first-timers going abroad.

Teach in Guyana
Teaching abroad in Guyana is an exceptional way to experience South America while earning a competitive salary. Guyana, a northern nation in South America, is a diverse and lush country with plenty to attract teachers, travelers, and expatriates.

Teach in Honduras
Laid-back and welcoming, Honduras is known for its unspoiled beaches and forest. Teaching in Honduras is an opportunity for adventurous explorers to live in a country where their work as teachers is greatly appreciated, and where students’ hospitality and sociability will make them feel right at home.

Teach in Panama
Teaching in Panama, owing to its great variety, can be as laid back or as exciting as you want to make it. Surrounded by a turquoise ocean and filled with tons of natural terrain and bustling cityscapes to explore, the adventurous will be just as happy as those who like to lay back on the beach.

teaching in paraguay
Certified teachers and ESL teachers looking to teach abroad in Paraguay can find teaching jobs either at public schools, private language schools or international schools throughout the country. Paraguay provides a unique opportunity for teachers to experience life in a country that had a rugged, distinct culture and is yet to be truly discovered by tourists.

Teach in Peru
Wild, diverse, and colorful, Peru draws explorers and history buffs to its ancient sites and breathtaking landscapes. One of South America’s most-visited countries, Peru ascends from sea to sky, offering perfect beaches, lush rainforests, and cloud-scraping mountaintops.

teach in suriname
Certified teachers and ESL teachers looking to teach English abroad in Suriname can find teaching jobs either at either public or private schools, located mainly in the capital city of Paramaribo. Suriname poses a unique opportunity for ESL teachers to experience a uniquely Dutch-Caribbean culture and make a difference in the lives of children who have limited access to English teachers.

teach in uruguay
Certified teachers and ESL teachers looking to teach abroad in Uruguay can find teaching jobs either at public language schools or private international schools across the country. Uruguay’s education system is known for embracing digital learning, making it a perfect choice for teachers who want to empower students through digital platforms.

Teach in Venezuela
Venezuela is home to the longest Caribbean coastline of any country on Earth, as well as one of South America’s most cosmopolitan cities, Caracas. Teaching in Venezuela is a rewarding experience for those looking to teach English abroad  and who wish to provide better opportunities for students.