Top English teaching jobs in Argentina

Teaching English in Argentina

Options for teaching English in Argentina

The high demand for English language education in Argentina means that there are a number of English teaching jobs in language institutes, private schools, and public schools across the country. The majority of teaching jobs are in the capital of Buenos Aires, although it’s possible to teach in many of Argentina’s smaller cities as well.
Licensed teachers have the option to teach in international schools, usually located in Buenos Aires.

Salary and benefits when teaching English in Argentina

The highest salaries for teachers are usually found in Buenos Aires, although the cost of living in the city is also higher than the cost elsewhere. Though teaching jobs in Argentina do not usually include accommodation as part of their benefits packages, many schools will provide teachers with assistance in finding an apartment prior to your departure for Argentina.

Teach English in Argentina – Hiring

The school year in Argentina generally lasts from March until December, although some private schools begin in February. Openings for teaching jobs will usually be posted from December-February on the Teach Away job board. Many English schools also have a second hiring period from July-August as well.

Teaching English in Argentina

What you need to teach English in Argentina

Qualifications to teach English in Argentina

In order to teach English in Argentina, most teachers will need a TEFL certificate. Though this certification is not required for every English teaching job, most candidates who are applying to teach in Argentina do hold a TEFL or TESOL, increasing competitiveness for jobs. Some schools will also consider candidates who do not hold a TEFL but who have many years of English teaching experience prior to moving to Argentina.
In order to teach in one of Argentina’s private international schools, teachers will need to hold a valid teaching qualification from their home state or country.

Visas for teachers in Argentina

Teach Away placement coordinators provide assistance through the visa application process, although teachers are ultimately responsible for their own visa application.

Teach English in Argentina

Living in Argentina

Whether you’re in Buenos Aires, one of the many cities dotting the South Atlantic coast, or a small town at the foothill of the Andes, living in Argentina will allow you to experience the country’s beautiful geography and Latin American culture.

Housing in Argentina

It is not common for language schools in Argentina to provide teachers with housing, although some private international schools might offer this as a benefit for licensed teachers. Many teachers located in Buenos Aires find that accommodation is most affordable with a roommate, often another teacher.

Teach in Argentina

Things to do in Argentina

Argentina is remarkably geographically diverse, spanning from tropics to ice flats, and from sandy beaches to mountainous highlands. Prepare to have your breath taken away if you’re visiting the wilderness of Patagonia, with its icy peaks and wide-open spaces. Any one of Argentina’s natural sites would be enough to satisfy an outdoor lover: the Andes mountain region, the southern glaciers, or the spectacular Iguazu Falls in the north.
In stylish Buenos Aires, “the Paris of the southern hemisphere,” teachers will find themselves at the center of modern Argentine culture. Enjoy a steak dinner before a night out in a trendy club, scream yourself hoarse at a futbol match, and take advantage of the opportunity to learn the tango in the country where it was invented!

Teach in Argentina

TEFL Certification for Private School Teachers

Many private schools in Argentina require applicants to possess a TEFL certificate. The University of Toronto’s TEFL Online Certificate can help you become a leading candidate for some of the top Argentinian private school positions.
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Argentina at a glance

Country information

Capital: Buenos Aires

Language: Spanish

Population: 42 million

Currency: Peso

Government: Constitutional Republic

Quick facts

The name “Argentina” comes from the Latin word for silver, argentum. Due to an unverified rumor, the original European settlers believed the country was full of silver.

Pope Francis, a native of Argentina, was the first non-European chosen to serve as pope.

Argentina is the third largest producer of beef in the world - around 2.8 to 3.5 million tons each year.

Argentina is the second largest country in South America and the eighth largest country in the world.

There are over 30 national parks in Argentina.

Argentina can lay claim to inventing the tango, one of the most popular dances in the world!

Over the past decade, there have been multiple discoveries of gigantic dinosaurs in Argentina, including the Giganotosaurus, which was taller than a Tyrannosaurus Rex!