Top English teaching jobs in Southeast Asia

Here’s a few of the best teaching jobs in Southeast Asia to make your job hunt a little easier!

Teach in Brunei
Teaching in Brunei offers an opportunity to work in a public school system within a small, resource-rich country. The numerous ESL &  international schools provide plenty of opportunity to teach English overseas in Brunei.

teaching jobs in cambodia
Teachers can find English teaching jobs in Cambodia in language schools or public school classrooms. Having a teaching certificate or TEFL certification can increase teachers’ salaries dramatically, so prospective English teachers are recommended to complete a TEFL course before applying for teaching jobs in Cambodia.

Teach in Indonesia
Educators can teach English in Indonesia in one of the country’s private language institutes. Teaching English in Indonesia will usually mean working with students of all ages, from young children to adults.

Teach in Laos
International schools, colleges, and language institutions all provide teach abroad opportunities in Laos for licensed teachers and ESL students. International school teaching jobs in Laos are often in IB schools.

Teach English in Malaysia
Lively cities, sumptuous street food, magnificent architecture and picturesque beaches are just a few experiences that draw teachers to Malaysia from around the world. Teach English in Malaysian cities such as Kuala Lumpur, Johor, Nusajaya, or Putra Nilai.

Looking to teach English abroad? Get hired with a TEFL certification.

Teach in Myanmar
Myanmar’s Teachers seeking the spiritual and serene will find new discoveries in Myanmar (Burma). Discover historical sites, temples, and pagodas at this destination. lies in exploring the largely unseen.

Teach English in the Philippines
Find ESL teaching jobs and opportunities for certified teachers to teach in the Philippines on Teach Away's job board. The Philippines offers exciting adventures and professional experiences for interested educators looking to teach English overseas.

Teaching in Singapore
Singapore offers a variety of teaching jobs for ESL instructors and certified teachers in one of the world's safest cities, boasting a rich cultural mix of Eastern and Western influences.

Teaching English in Thailand
Teach English in Thailand and enjoy a tropical climate and world-renowned tourism industry. Thailand offers exciting adventures and professional experiences for interested educators looking to teach English overseas.

Rolling green hills and rice paddies of Vietnam for ESL teachers to enjoy while teaching English in Vietnam
There are several places to find jobs teaching English in Vietnam: colleges, language institutions, and international schools. Teach abroad jobs in Vietnam exist for licensed teachers, teachers with IB experience, and ESL instructors.