Top English teaching jobs in Thailand

How to teach English in Thailand

To land a teaching job in Thailand usually requires a teacher to have previous ESL teaching experience. A TEFL certificate is helpful, as there is often a lot of competition for English teaching jobs in Thailand.
In order to teach abroad in Thailand’s international schools, educators will need a teaching qualification from their home country and usually a minimum of 2 years of experience.
How to teach English in Thailand

Teaching Jobs in Thailand

For those who are interested in teaching English in Thailand, Teach Away offers a variety of teaching jobs ranging from ESL instructors in private language institutes to English teachers at private international schools.
These positions are ideal for teachers looking to advance their professional careers or social, active individuals looking to travel and teach abroad in a dream location.
Teaching Jobs in Thailand

Teaching English in Thailand

English teaching jobs in Thailand offer competitive monthly salaries that allow teachers to see and experience the multitude of sites that constitute Thailand’s beauty.
Educators looking to teach English in Thailand should be aware that the cost of living is relatively low in comparison to the contract salary, and as such, saving a significant portion of a teacher’s income should not be difficult. Transportation in Thailand, in particular, is exceedingly inexpensive.
Teaching English in Thailand

Teaching TEFL in Thailand

To be considered for English teaching jobs in Thailand, candidates must have a bachelor’s degree and TESL/TEFL certification—either certificate allows educators to teach English in a foreign language environment.
For anyone interested in teaching jobs in Thailand who do not yet have the TEFL certification, or would like to upgrade their existing certification, Teach Away recommends the TEFL Online course offered by the University of Toronto in conjunction with Teach Away.
Teaching TEFL in Thailand

Thailand Geography and Climate

Situated at the heart of Southeast Asia, Thailand is a natural gateway to Indochina, Myanmar, and Southern China. A job in Thailand enables teachers to travel and experience the wide range of geography that Thailand has to offer.
Thailand is famous for its beaches but is also host to the beautiful peaks of the Thai highlands, the expansive flats of the Khorat Plateau, and the Chao Phraya river valley, which runs into the Gulf of Thailand.
Thailand has a warm, tropical climate that breaks down into three seasons: hot, rainy, and dry, with an annual monsoon occurring as part of the transition between the latter two seasons in the easternmost part of the country.
Teach English in Thailand

Living in Bangkok

Bangkok roughly means ‘city of angels,’ and it originated as a small trading post near the mouth of Chao Phraya River. Bangkok has increased in size to become the most densely populated city in Thailand, with 12 million inhabitants. It is the political, cultural, and economic center of Thailand. Ranking 17th in the world for the tallest city (by building), Bangkok is an ‘urban’ city whose skyscrapers stand overhead nearly ubiquitously. One of the best ways to experience Thai food while exploring the city is through the large collection of street vendors. Grab some street meat and take a walk through the large selection of ‘green zones,’ which are parks and greenery preserved by the Department of National Forestry. Thailand is one of the world’s hottest tourist locations so that no description would be complete without mention of its dedicated tourist locations. Thailand has an extremely active nightlife and many exciting cultural landmarks such as the Grand Palace, a complex of buildings in the heart of Thailand, and Wat Pho, and Wat Arun, two Buddhist temples. What better escape from the high-energy activity of the city than the serene culture and architecture of a religious temple.
Teach English in Thailand

Living in Chang Mai

Chang Mai is the most culturally significant city in Northern Thailand and the Capital of Chiang Mai Province. It is a city that draws over 5 million tourist visitors a year and is also a contender for the World Expo 2020. For those interested in the neighboring tribes that cannot make it out there in person, the Tribal Museum offers extensive showcases detailing the culture and history of these peoples. For those up for exploring outside of the city, the Doi Inthanon National Park is close by, which includes Doi Inthanon, the highest mountain in Thailand.

Living in Phuket, Phi Phi, and other Thai Islands

Phi Phi Island is one of Thailand’s hottest spots. It has been in the movies because of its utopic beaches and is a popular destination for travellers because of its relatively low cost of living. It is possible to find the perfect beachfront spot living comfortably on a teacher’s salary in Phuket.

Teach English in Thailand

Living in Phuket: Patong Beach

The largest beach on the Island of Phuket is also the country’s most popular beach and one of the most iconic, pristine beaches on earth. With extremely wide coastlines filled with clear water warmed over wide coastlines made of soft, white sand, it isn’t easy to run out of things to do and sites to see. For instance, because of the natural complexity of the shoreline, diving is huge in Thailand, and worldwide Thailand is known as one of the best spots to dive. Northwest 124 miles from Patong Beach is Richelieu Rock, near the Surin Islands in the Adaman sea. This area was discovered by dive pioneer Jacques Yves Cousteau, and is one of the most popular places in the country to explore underwater. For seasoned diving enthusiasts, it is even possible to acquire the PADI diving accreditation in this location. Off of the beach is a vibrant nightlife that offers engaging social venues such as bars, clubs, and private parties for the socialites. This area of Thailand is rich with tourists and beachgoers and will be suited for those who thrive in the hustle and bustle of a high-energy location
Teach English in Thailand

Salary and benefits when teaching English in Thailand

Monthly Salary 15,000-30,000THB (approximately $550-$1200)
Airfare Depends on the school – roundtrip airfare can be reimbursed upon completion of contract, but usually airfare is not included
Working Hours 35-40 hours/week, 5 days a week
Accommodation $150-$200/month (at teacher’s expense); teachers receive assistance in arranging accommodation
Vacation Varies from school to school Thai holidays + unpaid vacation
Health Insurance Covered by employer
Duration of Contracts 12 months

OISE TEFL Certification for teaching abroad

Many schools in Thailand require teachers to possess a Teaching English as a Foreign Language certification. An OISE TEFL certification from the OISE University of Toronto’s Faculty of Education can help you become a leading candidate for some of the top teaching jobs in Thailand.
OISE TEFL Certification for teaching abroad

Apply to teach in Thailand

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Thailand at a glance

Country information

Capital: Bangkok

Language: Thai

Population: 66,720,153 (20th)

Currency: Baht (THB)

Government: Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy

Major religion: Theravada Buddhism

Climate: Tropical

Quick facts

Thailand holds more Guiness World Records per person than any other country.

Not wearing underwear is illegal.

The famous energy drink Red Bull originated in Thailand.

Instead of 3 times a day, Thais eat 4-5 times a day

Thailand houses the world’s largest fish, the 12-meter Rhincodon typus.

A nuclear family in Thailand is rare because most people live in large extended families.

One-tenth of all animal species on Earth live in Thailand.