Teach Away Inc. is the founding recruitment partner for one of the world’s largest educational reforms, the Abu Dhabi Education Council New School Model. As ADEC’s first worldwide recruitment partner, Teach Away is the number one choice for thousands of educators across the globe.

Teaching at Public Schools in Abu Dhabi

Since the official start of the ADEC School Reform Program in 2009, Teach Away has successfully sent thousands of educators to teach in public schools in Abu Dhabi.

  • Proven recruitment methods - Teach Away’s recruitment and screening process was developed with ADEC during the inception of the program. As a result, Teach Away candidates have been hired at a higher percentage than other candidates.
  • Highest success rate - Over 80% of the teachers in the ADEC Licensed Teacher program have been hired through Teach Away.
  • Simplified procedures - Teach Away’s systems tie into the systems of the Abu Dhabi Education Council to ensure the smoothest possible processing of visas, flights, and housing.
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Teach Away - ADEC's Leading Recruitment Agency

With head offices in North America and branches worldwide, Teach Away recruits licensed Public School educators from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa for exciting teaching positions within ADEC’s New School Model.

In early 2009, Teach Away management met with officials from the Abu Dhabi government to design and develop one of the largest international licensed teacher recruitment initiatives in the world. Since the inception of the ADEC Reform Program, Teach Away has recruited over 80% of all English speaking educators working for the Abu Dhabi Education Council.

As the first recruitment provider for English Medium Teachers (EMTs), Teach Away is the only organization that has been working with ADEC since the program’s inception. Teach Away is seeking dedicated teachers, principals, and administrators to participate in a large education reform that will help shape the future of this young nation.

Teaching Benefits in Abu Dhabi

Additional benefits to working in Abu Dhabi Public Schools through Teach Away:

Support network

Teach Away’s online network puts teachers in touch with a community of foreign educators, even before departing for Abu Dhabi

Professional help arranging documents

Teach Away has worked with the Abu Dhabi Education Council since the inception of the program and has a proven record of success.

Efficiency and simplicity

Teach Away’s systems work with ADEC’s to facilitate the processing of documents, giving Teach Away educators the best chances of arriving on time.

Apply to Teach in Abu Dhabi

Join the thousands of other professional educators who have partnered with Teach Away to support this dynamic young country in developing their education system.

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Applying to Teach in Abu Dhabi

All applicants must submit an online application for teaching overseas through Teach Away.

Successful candidates must be interviewed in person at various locations in Canada, the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Abu Dhabi. Teachers who are required to commute to the interview are responsible for their own commuting and lodging expenses.

Abu Dhabi Public Schools – ADEC Interview Dates

Interview dates listed below are tentative and subject to change.

Please note that attendance to an interview session is by invitation only. Candidates are asked not to purchase flights to any of the interview locations until they have been officially invited by Teach Away Inc. representatives. Please also note that all dates are subject to change. Applicants who interview through more than one agency risk having their application cancelled by ADEC.

Country / Region City Tentative Interview Dates*
England London

Sunday, March 22 (August 2015 start)

Ireland Dublin

Sunday, April 12 (August 2015 start)

Australia Sydney Monday, April 20 (August 2015 start)
New Zealand Auckland Sunday, April 19 (August 2015 start)
USA Chicago

Wednesday, April 15 (August 2015 start)

  New York City

Monday, April 13 (August 2015 start)

  Charlotte Monday, March 23 (August 2015 start)
  Jacksonville Sunday, November 23 (August 2015 start)
  Houston Tuesday, April 14 (August 2015 start)
  Los Angeles Wednesday, January 28 (August 2015 start)
Canada Toronto

Sunday, February 15 (August 2015 start)


Sunday, February 16 (August 2015 start)

South Africa Johannesburg

Monday, March 16 (August 2015 start)

  Cape Town February/March TBD (August 2015 start)
UAE Abu Dhabi Sunday, March 8 (Closed)
    *Subject to change

About the Education Council in Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi Education Council is responsible for developing and implementing innovative educational policies, plans, and programs that aim to improve education in the emirate of Abu Dhabi and support educational institutions and staff in a manner that helps achieve the objectives of national development.

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Teaching Locations in Abu Dhabi

Teachers who are accepted to teach will be assigned to a public school within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, which is responsible for three regions: Abu Dhabi CityAl Ain, and Al Gharbia. The majority of placement locations will be in urban or suburban settings. Teachers may be placed up to 45-minute drive from their school.

Abu Dhabi is the second largest city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) after Dubai. It is located on an island on the Arabian Gulf and offers year-round sunshine. Al Ain, the fourth largest city in the UAE, is located next to Oman and is known as the Garden City of the UAE. Click here to read more information about teaching locations in Abu Dhabi.

Program Duration

Teachers working in the UAE are contracted to teach for a minimum of two years. Teachers who successfully complete the contract will be offered an option to renew their contracts.

Qualifications for Teaching in Abu Dhabi

Teachers interested in working in Abu Dhabi must be licensed to teach in their state/province.

Teachers who have an undergraduate degree but no teaching credentials will not be considered for teaching jobs in Abu Dhabi. Teaching English as a Second Language certificates, although helpful in a second language learning environment, cannot replace a teaching license.

Criminal Background Check

All Teach Away applicants to this public school program must provide a criminal background check at the time of their in-person interview.

Primary and Secondary Schools in Abu Dhabi

Teachers will be placed throughout 296 public schools in Abu Dhabi city, Al Ain, and Al Gharbia. The majority of the students are of Emirati nationality.

Class Sizes and Student Age in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi schools are divided into four levels: Kindergarten, Cycle 1 (grades 1-5), Cycle 2 (grades 6-9), and Cycle 3 (grades 10-12). A typical class in Abu Dhabi will have between 20-30 students.

Teaching Subjects in Abu Dhabi

Level Subjects Taught Teaching Independently?
Kindergarten English, math, and science Working with Arabic co-teacher
Cycle 1 English, math, and science Own classroom
Cycle 2 ONE of the following: English, math, or science Own classroom
Cycle 3 English only Own classroom

Foreign Staff in Abu Dhabi Public Schools

Teachers can expect to work with local Emirati teachers, western expatriate teachers, and Arabic expatriate teachers. Foreign teachers make up roughly 15 - 40% of the staff in any given Abu Dhabi public school.

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Language Arabic
Population 921.000
Currency UAE Dirham
Government Constitutional monarchy
Major Religion Islamic
Climate Hot desert climate
Size 972.45 km²