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Abu Dhabi offers a wide range of teaching opportunities to suit educators with diverse backgrounds and interests. Whether you’re an experienced classroom teacher, a specialist in subjects like mathematics or science, an English language instructor, or even an early childhood educator, Abu Dhabi has positions that cater to various teaching preferences and qualifications.

From K-12 education in international schools to higher education roles in universities and vocational institutions, there’s a teaching job in Abu Dhabi for educators at all levels.

Teachers in Abu Dhabi

Educators in the Licensed Teacher program are referred to as “English Medium Teachers,” as they provide education through the medium of English. English Medium Teachers will assist with the education reform by implementing effective teaching practice and focusing on improving student achievement. Primary (K-5), Middle School (6-9), and Secondary English (10-12) teachers will deliver instruction in English, and take part in the transition towards a more student-centered approach. Candidates should be motivated, dedicated, and have teaching experience in the relevant subject or grade level. As with any reform initiative, teachers should be flexible and adaptable in order to succeed in these positions.

Principals & Academic Vice Principals in Abu Dhabi

Principals in Abu Dhabi will oversee their school’s operation, with particular attention to student achievement and professional development of staff. Principals will work closely with staff and management teams with the objective of improving school achievement and meeting key performance indicators.Vice-Principals in Abu Dhabi have a similar role, but are focused on academics. To be eligible for these positions, candidates must be flexible, adaptable, and have the ability to forge strong professional relationships. Teamwork and problem-solving skills are essential, and substantial administrative and/or leadership experience is a must.

Cluster Managers in Abu Dhabi

Cluster Managers work within a cluster of schools throughout the Emirate with the goal of centralizing administration and improving school management overall. They are tasked with ensuring consistency between schools and ensuring principals and teachers are receiving the support and resources necessary to make the educational reform a success. Experience supervising, coaching, and/or managing is a must, and organizational skills will be key in this role. Candidates for a Cluster Manager position must possess a Masters degree in education; have substantial teaching experience, supervisory, and principal experience; and demonstrate familiarity with school operations.

Education Advisors in Abu Dhabi

Education advisors work with teachers to ensure effective implementation of curriculum, and to improve the quality of education throughout the Emirate. As specialists and experts in their subject areas, education advisors will provide ongoing support to subject teachers. Knowledge of effective teaching strategies is a must. Experience supervising, coaching, and mentoring, along with excellent communication and organizational skills, are essential for this role. Candidates should have significant teaching experience in their particular subject area, leadership experience, and the ability to prioritize well. A Master’s Degree in Education or the relevant subject area is preferred.

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