College Teaching Jobs

College Teaching Jobs

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College Teaching Jobs

There are lots of opportunities for certified and experienced teachers to find college teaching jobs abroad.

Types of College Teaching Jobs Abroad

College teachers can expect to find work at public and private universities as well as community colleges internationally.

If you’re a college teacher looking for online teaching jobs, colleges and universities also hire instructors to work at a distance, teaching online courses across a variety of subjects.

College teaching jobs involve teaching third-level subjects to students who are studying to obtain a degree or certificate across a wide array of academic disciplines, such as English and Philosophy, as well as vocational or career-related subjects, including law and nursing.

College teaching jobs responsibilities include researching and publishing scholarly papers and books, supervising lab work, helping with curriculum development and more.

College Teaching

Options for College Teaching Jobs Abroad

College teaching jobs abroad range from administrative and executive to faculty college teaching jobs and can be either full-time or part-time.

College Teaching Job TypeCollege Job Examples
FacultyCollege Instructor, College English Teachers, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor, across a range of subjects and academic disciplines.
Executive/AdministrationPresident, Vice President, Provost, Dean and Chancellor.

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College Teaching Jobs Benefits

Positions for college teachers abroad offer excellent salary and benefits packages. College teaching job benefits can include:

  • Round-trip airfare for teacher, spouse, and dependants
  • Accommodations or accommodations allowance
  • Family health insurance
  • Relocation allowance
  • End of contract bonus
College Teaching Jobs

Top Destinations for College Teaching Jobs

College Teaching Jobs in the UAE

Teach Away is accepting applications for college teaching jobs across the UAE, including college teaching positions in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Fujairah. Currently, college job opportunities are available to experienced English and Business Faculty.

College Teaching Jobs

College Teaching Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Experienced ESL teachers can apply now for positions within prestigious universities and colleges in Saudi Arabia. College English teachers will teach English to freshmen, helping to prepare them for English examinations. College teaching jobs in Saudi Arabia can be quite lucrative, with positions offering an excellent teaching salary.

College Teaching Jobs

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