Teach English in Taiwan

Teach English in Taiwan

Teaching jobs in Taiwan offer an opportunity for teachers to gain international experience, while Taiwan's mountainous terrain, modern cities and spectacular coastline allow for some exceptional traveling.

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Private School Teaching Jobs in Taiwan

Teachers in Taiwan private schools can expect to make a salary in the range of NT 40,000-62,000 (approximately $1,400-2,100 USD) per month. Private school jobs in Taiwan offer extensive vacation time, usually amounting to about 20 days off per school year.

Private school positions in Taiwan also offer a number of benefits, including reimbursed airfare, medical insurance, and assistance finding accommodations. In some cases, teachers will receive an accommodation allowance. Private school jobs in Taiwan also offer overtime to teachers, increasing the potential for savings.

First-time teachers are welcome to apply for private school jobs in Taiwan. Candidates are not required to have a TEFL/TESL certificate or prior teaching experience.

Private School Teaching Jobs in Taiwan

Public School Teaching Jobs in Taiwan

Teachers in Taiwan public schools can expect to make a salary in the range of NT 60,000-70,000 (approximately $2,000-2,400 USD) per month. Public school jobs in Taiwan typically offer a performance bonus upon contract completion; contracts can range from 6-12 months in length.

In addition to their salary, teachers in Taiwan might also receive a housing allowance, assistance finding accommodations, and return airfare. Teaching jobs in Taiwan include national health insurance and at least 10 days of vacation time.

To qualify for positions in Taiwan public schools, candidates must be licensed or certified to teach in their home state/province. As well, teaching jobs in Taiwan often require at least 1-2 years of previous teaching experience at the relevant level.

Public School Teaching Jobs in Taiwan

Teach English online to Taiwanese students

Are you looking for a convenient, part-time teaching job you can do from home?

Demand for online English education is exploding among students based in Taiwan. As a result, several English teaching companies catering specifically to Taiwanese English language learners are seeking native English speaking applicants to fill a large number of online English teaching vacancies.

If you have the necessary skills and experience (such as a bachelor’s degree and a TEFL certificate), now’s the perfect time to apply to teach English online!

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Teach English online to Taiwanese students
teaching english abroad salary comparison

Teaching Benefits in Taiwan

Teaching Benefit TypeTeaching Benefit Details
Monthly Salary$1,260 - 2,500 USD
Working Hours25 hours/week
AccommodationHousing allowance provided
BonusesEnd-of-contract bonus may be provided
VacationAll national holidays/Chinese New Year/summer vacation
Health InsuranceProvided
Contract DurationOne year

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Living in Taiwan

Taiwan is a very densely populated island nation southeast of mainland China. Home to 23 million people, Taiwan is best known for IT manufacturing and production. However, in addition to its technical might, Taiwan is also home to some spectacular sights. Eastern Taiwan is a mountainous region with outstanding hiking options. The Taroko Gorge is a remarkable sight, sure to impress any outdoor enthusiast.

In Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan, there exists an endless number of entertainment options: arts and cultural festivals, shopping at the night markets spread across the city, and eating delectable Chinese cuisine. Taiwan offers an impressive mix of natural and urban beauty, making it an intriguing destination for those interested in teaching in Asia.

Living in Taiwan

Taiwan at a Glance

Country Information

Capital - Taipei

Language - Mandarin Chinese is the main language spoken, with Taiwanese (also called Hokkien)

Population - 23.51 million

Currency - New Taiwan dollar (NT$)

Government - Multiparty democracy

Major Religion - Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism

Climate - Subtropical in the north, tropical in the south

Size - 36,193 km²

Quick Facts
  • Showing respect and politeness for elders is an important part of Taiwanese culture
  • Taiwanese people hate the rain (due to fears over acid rain) and will usually shield their skin from the sun’s rays with umbrellas.
  • Taiwan has an adult literacy rate of 96%.
  • The Taiwanese are known as being incredibly hard working, and Taiwanese society places a large emphasis on the importance of work and education.
  • Tipping is not customary in Taiwan. Usually a 10% service charge is added to your bill when staying at a hotel, while restaurants and cab drivers will typically refuse tips.
  • There are almost 5,000 7-Elevens in Taiwan, and they’re much more than a convenience store. You can dine in a 7-Eleven in Taiwan, use their free Wi-Fi, send packages and even get your dry cleaning done!
  • Many Taiwanese people like to take naps after lunch.

Teach in Taiwan

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