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Teach Away was established in 2003 to help teachers find reputable employment overseas. We have offices in Toronto, Vancouver, Houston, Edinburgh and Tirana. 

Teach Away has become one of the largest and most diverse education agencies in the world. We are compassionate, honest, fun-loving education professionals who have lived and worked internationally.

Each year, Teach Away places hundreds of teachers in countries around the world including the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and many more. Teach Away's partners include a wide range of educational institutions including Elementary, Middle, and High Schools; International Schools; Public Schools; Businesses requiring English Language Instructors; Summer Camps; Adult Learning Centres; and Private English Schools.

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Why Teach Away?

Teach Away provides a number of benefits for teachers pursuing a career in international education. It believes that student success is a direct result of quality leadership from the best instructors, and strives to match each teacher to the appropriate international teaching job for their situation. Teach Away's commitment to promoting top quality education worldwide results in comprehensive support for teachers from initial application to completion of an overseas teaching contract. Teach Away prides itself on working with leading international institutions, and governments that provide rewarding employment opportunities for teachers.

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In the Press

As a team operating in multiple time zones around the world, Teach Away’s maintains strong relationships with teachers, ministries of education, and international institutions around the globe. Teach Away's overseas work has earned it extensive media and industry recognition, including a feature on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams. Visit the Press Room to find out what all the news is about.


Teach Away places thousands of teachers overseas each year resulting in a diverse network of passionate education professionals. Its teachers believe in giving back to the Teach Away community and have shared testimonials about their international teaching adventures.  Here is one example from the many testimonials that are showcased on the website:

"I just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for helping me with finding a job in Korea. The whole experience by far has been the best of my life and I can easily say that I feel well taken care of and happy here. I love my job and my students are the highlight of my days. The city is also amazing with a great blend of cultural traditional and modern sights and wonders to behold. And overall, the Koreans are delighted to have foreigners here. I have never met a group of people who are as open and friendly and welcoming as Koreans. And as a foreigner I feel very safe here too. Anyways, I can write email after email raving about my experiences here but I really just wanted to say thanks for your help and I know that I would not be here if it wasn't for you."

Mazahir Tayebali Teach in Korea

Careers Through Teach Away

Teach Away offers many different employment opportunities in Vancouver, Toronto, London, and Australia. Individuals with an interest in global education may be interested in learning the details regarding a career at Teach Away. Though predominantly comprised of teachers, Teach Away is looking for a wide range of professionals to join their energetic team. Apply today.

Social Responsibility

Teach Away uses its experience and resources  to work with developing communities. As an international organization, Teach Away recognizes the importance of bringing the global community together and has a business focus that extends beyond the traditional scope of a recruitment agency. For more information on Teach Away's social initiatives, please navigate to the social responsibility page through the link below.

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