Top English teaching jobs in Qatar

Teaching Jobs in Qatar

Teaching in Qatar allows teachers the opportunity to work within top private international schools, earning a competitive salary and experiencing all that life in Doha has to offer.

As the capital of Qatar and as one of the fastest developing cities in the Gulf region, Doha is an excellent destination for teachers.

With ancient relics and sights from the Ottoman period, the beautiful and picturesque Corniche, modern entertainment and shopping options, and the delights of Middle Eastern cuisine, Doha has it all.

Islamic architecture in Qatar for teachers applying for teaching jobs in Qatar to visit

Salary & benefits when teaching in Qatar

Teaching Benefit Type Teaching Benefit Details
Monthly Salary $2,400 – 3,700, tax free. Leadership roles may offer a higher salary depending on credentials and experience.
Airfare Provided for teacher and dependents
Working Hours Eight weeks of vacation (July/August)
Accommodation Accommodation and utilities provided
Vacation 6 weeks
Health Insurance Provided for teacher and dependents
Contract Duration One year

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Current opportunities to teach in Qatar

Level Subjects Taught Teaching Independently?
Kindergarten English, math, and science Working with Arabic co-teacher
Cycle 1 English, math, and science Own classroom
Cycle 2 ONE of the following: English, math, or science Own classroom
Cycle 3 English only Own classroom

Living in Qatar

Qatar is a country in the Middle East with a population of 1.5 million people, partly comprised of a large expatriate community. Although it is considered a small or mid-sized Middle Eastern city, Qatar boasts many amenities and attractions, including museums, malls, and water parks. Because Qatar is surrounded by water, there are plenty of opportunities for water sports and activities.

The temperature ranges from warm to hot throughout the year, ranging from 16º C to 38º C. Most schools begin their day early – 6:30 AM or 7 AM start times are not uncommon in Qatar, and an earlier day can help with battling the afternoon heat.

Teaching in Qatar gives teachers insight into life in the Middle East, allows teachers to experience traditional Qatari hospitality, and offers highly competitive salaries. Teachers in Qatar will enjoy an accommodating blend of old-world traditions and modern day amenities – an experience like no other!

Seaside in Qatar at night for teachers living in Qatar to visit

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Qatar at a glance

Country information

Capital: Doha

Language: Arabic

Population: 2,155,446

Currency: Qatari Riyal, ﷼ (QAR)

Government: Unitary Parliamentary Absolute Monarch

Major religion: Islam

Climate: Hot, dry desert climate

Size: 11,571 km²

Quick facts

Qatar will host the FIFA Cup in 2022

Although Qatar is originally a desert, it has a diverse range of flora and fauna. Purple island is an example of this.

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in Qatar. You can catch a game at almost any time throughout the year and are a great option for local entertainment.

Qatar has experienced one of the most significant economic growths in the world, making it one of the world’s richest countries.

Machbous is an important traditional dish in Qatar’s culture, it is a rich stew consisting of meat or seafood and rice.

Weekends in Qatar fall on Fridays and Saturdays, with most stores being closed on Friday mornings before afternoon prayer.