Top English teaching jobs in Bahrain

Teaching in Bahrain

Teaching jobs in Bahrain

Teachers interested in teaching in Bahrain may find opportunities in international schools or universities. Due to the relatively large expatriate population, the country contains a number of international schools. Although Bahrain’s official language is Arabic, English is widely spoken, and the demand for English teachers is high.

Salary and benefits when teaching in Bahrain

Teaching jobs in Bahrain can offer excellent salary packages, including generous benefits. Teachers are often able to secure accommodation, flight allowance, and health insurance for themselves and their dependents as well.

Teach in Bahrain – Hiring

Hiring for teaching jobs in Bahrain occurs year-round. The academic year in Bahrain is similar to that of schools in North America, with the school term beginning in September and lasting until early summer.

Teaching in Bahrain

What you need to teach in Bahrain

Qualifications to teach in Bahrain

International schools in Bahrain will generally require teachers to have a valid teaching license in their home state or country, as well as previous classroom teaching experience. Requirements for university jobs can vary, though experienced, licensed teachers are preferred.

teaching in bahrain

Visa to teach in Bahrain

Teachers are responsible for obtaining a work visa, which is necessary to teach in Bahrain.

In order to enter the country, teachers must show an employment letter, a copy of their contract, health records, passport, and passport photographs, along with the visa application form and other possible documents.

teaching jobs in bahrain

Living in Bahrain

Friendly and welcoming, Bahrain draws a large number of expatriates from around the world. The culture is relatively relaxed, and Bahrainis enjoy a diverse environment and a comfortable standard of living.

Cost of living in Bahrain

Living expenses vary by the individual, although most teachers are able to save a good portion of their monthly salary. Employment packages for teachers usually include generous benefits, which often extend to dependants as well. Furnished accommodation is routinely provided.  As the main form of transportation is driving, many foreigners living in Bahrain choose to rent a car on a monthly basis.

Living in Bahrain

Things to do in Bahrain

Bahrain is a socially liberal Gulf country. Alcohol is legal (although usually unavailable during Ramadan), making Bahrain a popular nighttime destination for visitors from its neighboring countries. Dining options include anything from Western fast food, to street stalls, to high-end restaurants. During the day, shopping is an extremely popular pastime. There are a number of shopping malls as well as markets.

Bahrain has a tropical desert climate, resulting in hot, sunny days for most of the year.
Due to this, as well as its location in the Arabian Gulf, water activities such as sailing are extremely popular.

Things to do in Bahrain

Bahrain Travel

Many travelers find Bahrain an ideal mix of traditional Arab culture and Western-friendly attitudes. Residents of Bahrain’s neighboring countries, such as Saudi Arabia, often come to Bahrain to relax socially.

Because of its small size, travel within Bahrain is limited, although there is still plenty do to. Travelers will be able to eat, drink, and shop on a variety of budgets. Transportation is done primarily by car, which is made relatively simple thanks to Bahrain’s excellent system of roads, many of which lead in and out of the capital, Manama. One of Bahrain’s most famous attractions, the Tree of Life, can only be reached by car. The Tree of Life is a lone tree growing in the middle of the desert, a remarkable sight that attracts around 50,000 visitors annually.

Besides the main island, Bahrain consists of several smaller islands, many of which are ideal for spending time on the beach. Those who enjoy sailing can spend a day or weekend sailing to these islands.

Bahrain Travel

TEFL Certification for teaching abroad

Many schools in Bahrain require teachers to possess a Teaching English as a Foreign Language certification. A TEFL certification from the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Education OISE can help you become a leading candidate for some of the top teaching jobs in Bahrain.

TEFL Certification for teaching abroad

Teaching Opportunities in Bahrain

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Bahrain at a glance

Country information

Capital: Manama

Language: Arabic

Population: 1.2 million

Currency: Bahraini Dinar (BHD)

Quick facts

Bahrain is the smallest of the Gulf countries.

English is widely spoken in Bahrain.

The King Fahd Causeway is a 24-kilometer causeway over the Gulf of Bahrain connecting Bahrain to Saudi Arabia.