The Canadian School Bahrain is a not-for-profit, private international school offering the British Columbia, Canada curriculum.

The Canadian School Bahrain will implement a whole-child approach to learning that will enhance the academic, Social, Physical, Emotional & Educational needs of each student.

This integrated educational program will be taught by British Columbia Certified Teachers working together with Bahraini Certified Teachers for Social Studies and Citizenship, Moral Studies and Arabic Language.


Essential learning, literacy and numeracy foundations, and core competencies are the base of our new curriculum. All three contribute to deeper learning.


The core competencies are the intellectual, personal, and social skills that all students need to develop for success in life beyond school. B.C. has identified three core competencies as essential for all learners:

  • Communication
  • Creative Thinking
  • Critical Thinking
  • Positive Personal and Culture Identity
  • Personal Awareness and Responsibility

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