Top English teaching jobs in Singapore

Teaching jobs in Singapore

As Singapore’s public education is instructed mainly in English, certified teachers in all subjects may qualify to teach in Singapore. Teachers interested in teaching at public schools require the approval of the Ministry of Education. There are an ever-growing number of opportunities for ESL teachers across all age groups with schools and private language colleges. International schools also offer many opportunities for teachers from around the world, as expats make up a large percentage of Singapore’s urban population.

Teaching salary and benefits in Singapore

Depending on your qualifications, salary can vary greatly based on experience and qualifications. At a minimum, benefits packages typically include a relocation allowance and airfare. Many international schools may include accommodation, health care, and provision for dependents.

Options for teaching in Singapore

Teaching in Singapore – Hiring

Applications for many schools and language institutions are accepted year-round. The academic year begins in January, and following that, schools take a month-long holiday in June, plus a six-week holiday at the end of each year. ESL programs for both children and adults may start and end at any time throughout the year.

Qualifications needed to teach in Singapore

For the majority of teaching positions in Singapore, a Bachelor’s degree is essential. For roles in public and international schools, a degree in Education or your subject area is strongly preferred. For ESL positions, a Bachelor’s degree and a TEFL certification are usually required.

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Visas to teach in Singapore

Generally, your employer will apply for your Employment Pass or Work Permit on your behalf if you have been offered a job. It is necessary to have secured a job offer before you can be considered for a visa that enables you to teach in Singapore.

Living in Singapore

Living in this island city-state allows residents to enjoy a mix of cultural influences. Though small, Singapore is densely populated and urbanized, yet it remains one of the world’s most orderly, clean, and safe cities.

teaching jobs in singapore

Cost of living in Singapore

The cost of living in a forward-thinking, modern city is high. The cost of everything from housing, transport, and groceries has been rising rapidly in recent years – Singapore is now considered one of the world’s most expensive cities in which to live. However, teaching salaries are often considerably more generous here than in many countries and do reflect the cost of living. Despite the statistics, day-to-day life can be surprisingly affordable compared to many Western cities.

Housing for teachers in Singapore

Although salary packages generally include relocation allowance and airfare, housing is usually not included. Due to high population density, most city dwellers live in high-rise apartment buildings. Apartments may be compact, but they are generally designed very functionally, equipped with all modern appliances, and air-conditioned.

Cost of living in Singapore

Things for teachers to do in Singapore

Singapore’s tropical climate leaves it lush and green, and the city is filled with well-maintained parks and nature reserves—over 50% of the city is green space. A large proportion (about one-third) of Singapore’s residents is composed of expatriates, so there is no difficulty in finding expat comrades. Singapore’s diverse cuisine is a highlight for any visitor. Though it offers plenty of high-end restaurants, new teachers in Singapore are encouraged to try local food from the many street stalls, paired with a cold beer.

Traveling in Singapore

As Singapore is its own city-state, it may lack the domestic travel options available in larger countries. However, it’s not necessary to travel abroad in order to escape the city. Singapore consists of 63 islands, so traveling to the beach is always an option. Traveling within Singapore is made easy due to its reliable and affordable trains, buses, and taxis.  If you do need a change of scenery, however, trips elsewhere in southeast Asia are extremely convenient.

Things for teachers to do in Singapore

OISE TEFL Certification for Private School Teachers

Most private schools and ESL institutions in Singapore require applicants to possess an OISE TEFL certificate. The University of Toronto’s OISE TEFL Online Certificate can help set you apart from other candidates when applying for teaching jobs in Singapore.
OISE TEFL Certification for Private School Teachers

Teach English in Singapore

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Singapore at a glance

Country information

Capital: Singapore

Language: English, Malay, Mandarin, Tamil

Population: 5.3 million

Government: Parliamentary republic

Size: 710 square kilometers

Quick facts

Singapore consists of the island of Singapore and roughly 60 smaller islands.

Singapore is home to the largest fountain in the world, the Fountain of Wealth.

Buildings in Singapore cannot be higher than 280 meters.

Singapore is the second most densely populated country in the world.