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Teaching in Paraguay

Options for teaching in Paraguay

Teachers in Paraguay will find the majority of teaching jobs in the capital city of Asunción, which is also where most of the country’s private language and international schools are located. Teaching positions can also be found in other, slightly smaller cities like Ciudad del Este and Encarnacion.

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Salary and benefits while teaching in Paragua

Teaching Benefit Type Teaching Benefit Details
Yearly Salary $750 – $1500 USD/month. Salaries may be higher for positions at private school.
Working Hours Public school shifts are split between evenings and weekends, whereas private schools operate 9 am – 4 pm Monday to Friday.
Relocation Allowance Not provided.
Vacation December to late February.
Health Insurance Private healthcare insurance is recommended.
Contract Duration One year.

Teach in Paraguay

Teach in Paraguay – Hiring

The school year in Paraguay runs from late February to December. While schools do hire year-round in Paraguay, the peak hiring period is usually in March. Paraguayan people appreciate a high level of professionalism, so relationship building and networking with a potential employer is important in securing a teaching job in Paraguay.

Qualifications to teach in Paraguay

It is not required to have a Bachelor’s degree or additional English teaching certification to teach in Paraguay, although both are extremely beneficial. A relevant teaching qualification such as a TEFL certificate is usually the minimum requirement when applying to private school teaching positions, and is strongly recommended to teach English in Paraguay.

Teaching positions in private schools are in higher demand by teachers looking to teach abroad in Paraguay. Private schools in Paraguay usually have a more in-depth curriculum than public schools and cater to the country’s elite. Be prepared when applying to private school teaching positions in Paraguay that a more lengthy hiring process may occur. Teachers with a Bachelor’s degree, TEFL certificate, or a more advanced degree in education are more likely to land a job teaching at a Paraguayan public school.

The University of Toronto’s TEFL Online certificate can equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to land a job in teaching in Paraguay.

Visas for teachers in Paraguay

It is recommended that teachers get assistance from their employer’s school when applying to get a work visa in Paraguay.

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Living in Paraguay

Paraguay has one of the lowest costs of living in South America. Rent, food and entertainment are relatively cheap and teachers can expect to live comfortably regardless of salary level. With the country’s ever-increasing political stability and strong cultural identity, there are endless opportunities for teachers to immerse themselves in the Paraguayan lifestyle.

Things for teachers to do in Paraguay

Paraguay is rich with natural attractions outside its capital city of Asunción. Within the capital city, the Museo Ferroviario train museum allows you to step back in time inside South America’s oldest railway station. Asunción’s outdoor markets will become a staple place to visit if you are in Paraguay’s capital. One in particular, Mercado Cuatro, is a mix of stores, fruit markets and a surprising number of Korean shops that cater to the city’s large Korean population.

Although most locals only speak Spanish, Paraguayans are known to be welcoming and eager to speak about the rich history of their country. Paraguay’s lack of foreign tourism has become its greatest asset and is the perfect place for a teacher who wants a truly authentic experience during their placement.

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Experience teaching in Paraguay

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Paraguay at a glance

Country information

Capital: Asunción

Language: Spanish, Guarani

Population: 6.1 million

Currency: Guarani

Government: Representative and pluralist democracy

Major religion: Roman Catholic

Climate: Subtropical

Quick facts

Paraguay is also called “Corazón de América”, which translates to “the heart of America” and refers to its location in the center of the South American continent.

Paraguay has a higher literacy rate than the United States (94% compared to 86% of adults in both countries).

Football (soccer), fishing and rugby are extremely popular sports in Paraguay.

Drinking Paraguay’s national beverage called mate is a popular activity among friends in all parts of the country.

Paraguay is divided in half by the Paraguay River and is the second largest river in South America.

Paraguay has the largest navy of any landlocked country in the world.

In Paraguay, houses do not have doorbells. Guests are expected to announce their arrival by clapping their hands!