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Living in Kenya

Kenya is one of Africa’s most powerful economic forces, and there are many opportunities for foreigners living in Kenya. As a result, the larger cities have extensive communities and resources for ex-pats. Kenya’s climate is hot and humid along the coast, though the temperatures cool as travelers move inward across the country’s grasslands towards the capital. Kenya’s northeastern region, bordering Ethiopia, is dry and near-desert.
The majority of Kenya’s international schools are located in the capital of Nairobi. Nairobi, known as the “Safari Capital of the World,” is one of the few global cities to boast a National Park inside its city limits. Residents have easy access to the region’s spectacular plains and wildlife while enjoying the conveniences of an urban lifestyle.
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What’s Needed to Teach in Kenya

Qualifications Needed to Teach in Kenya

Teaching English in Kenya usually requires a TEFL certificate in addition to a Bachelor’s degree.

Teaching in Kenya – Hiring

Although the school year in Kenya begins in January, many international schools will begin in August or September, following a typical North American calendar.

Teach in Kenya

TEFL Certification for Private School Teachers

Many private schools in Kenya require applicants to possess a TEFL certificate. The University of Toronto’s TEFL Online Certificate can help you become a leading candidate for some of the top Kenyan private school positions.
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Kenya at a glance

Country information

Capital: Nairobi

Language: Swahili, English

Population: 44.4 million

Currency: Kenyan shilling (KES)

Government: Devolved republic

Quick facts

Kenya is named after Mt Kenya, the tallest mountain in the country (5,199 metres, 17,057 feet).

The two official languages in Kenya are English and Swahili, although there are dozens of other languages spoken in various parts of the country.

The capital and largest city is Nairobi. Mombasa is the second largest city.

Kenya shares Lake Victoria, the world's second largest freshwater lake, with Tanzania and Uganda.

Kenya is perhaps best known for its middle distance and long distance runners, with the country frequently producing Olympic champions.

Kenya’s main exports include tea, horticultural products, coffee, petroleum products and fish.

Kenya only has only two seasons. One rainy season and one dry season.