Top English teaching jobs in Mozambique

Options for teaching in Mozambique

Why not take the path less trodden and teach in Mozambique. The economy has grown steadily in recent years, and this vibrant country’s schools are seeking teachers. The country’s public school system is supplemented by a number of international and private schools.
Whether you want to volunteer short term, teach ESL or land a fully-licensed teaching position, there are opportunities available.

International school teaching vacancies in Mozambique

There are many international schools in Mozambique that are offering comprehensive packages for teachers. These include benefits like housing, airfare, medical care and more. They cater to international students as well as locals. Most of these jobs tend to be located in cities like Maputo and Beira.
The Mozambique school calendar officially runs from January to October, but this might be different depending on the school.

Volunteer positions in Mozambique

There are plenty of short-term voluntary teaching positions with various schools and missionaries. For those who want to travel, get involved in local communities and experience unusual parts of the world, some of these positions are ideal.

English teaching jobs in Mozambique

Portuguese is the native language, but the government has put an emphasis on increasing English levels in the classroom, so there is now a demand for English teachers. It’s possible to find positions for both adults and children in one of the many private language schools.

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Requirements to teach in Mozambique

Teaching English in Mozambique – Requirements for ESL teachers

Generally, the minimum requirements to get a job in a private language school in Mozambique include a bachelor’s degree and there is a preference for teachers with a TEFL certificate. Teaching experience, while considered an asset, is not strictly required.

Teaching in Mozambique – Requirements for certified teachers

Teachers looking to teach at an international school in Mozambique should hold a bachelor’s degree, a teaching license and at least two years of relevant, full-time teaching experience.

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Salary and benefits while teaching in Mozambique

Most international schools in Mozambique offer an attractive benefits package on top of your monthly salary as well as free flights, medical insurance and housing.

Teaching Benefit Type Teaching Benefit Details
Monthly Salary $800/month
Accommodation Provided
Airfare Return airfare provided & annual summer leave airfare
Working Hours Up to 40 hours/week, 5 days a week
Vacation Paid leave
Health Insurance Provided
Retirement contribution Provided
Car loan Provided

Visas for overseas teachers in Mozambique

To secure a work permit to teach in Mozambique, you will need to be sponsored by a Mozambique school. Visit the Mozambique government site for everything you need to know about obtaining a visa to teach in Mozambique.
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Living in Mozambique

Thinking about teaching and living in Mozambique? There’s so much to see and do in this beautiful corner of the world.
From its long stretch of beaches to the stunning blue seas surrounding the five islands of Barazuto National Park, and beyond. Mozambique offers up plenty of backpacker’s delights with none of the usual swarms of tourists. Climb Cascata Mountain, wander through local art galleries or indulge your inner-foodie in one of a host of famous restaurants that dot the coast. There’s no shortage of things to do, whether you want to bask in the water or get more adventurous with a safari!
The cost of living in Mozambique is low enough. And if you take into consideration that most teaching positions come with housing and a host of other benefits, then the cost of living is remarkably low, as you won’t be covering many of your usual expenses.
Most locals speak Portuguese and there’s a decent level of English in the cities so English speakers can easily get by there. However, we do recommend you learn some basic Portuguese to help you get by prior to relocating to Mozambique.
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Mozambique at a glance

Country information

Capital: Maputo, Mozambique

Language: Portuguese, also Makhuwa, Sena and Swahili

Population: 29 million

Currency: Mozambican metical

Government: Presidential republic

Major religion: Roman Catholic, Muslim, Zionist Christian

Climate: Tropical with two seasons - the wet season (October - March) and the dry season (April - September)

Quick facts

The country is divided into two very different regions by the Zambezi river. North of the river lies the coastline and rugged mountains. South of the river lies the Lebombo mountains and lowlands.

You can see whales, whale sharks and dolphins in its blue waters and coral reefs.

You can see whales, whale sharks and dolphins in its blue waters and coral reefs.

Lake Malawi is the 9th largest lake in the world and has more fish than any other lake!

The island of Mozambique, just off the coast, is a UNESCO heritage site.