Top English teaching jobs in Tanzania

Teaching jobs in Tanzania

All secondary schools in Tanzania use English as the primary language of instruction, and educators may be able to find teaching jobs in Tanzania in one of the country’s many private schools for local or international students.
There are many opportunities to teach English in Tanzania in schools and private language institutes. Both paid and volunteer teaching jobs are available.
Teaching jobs in Tanzania

Salary and benefits when teaching in Tanzania

Teaching jobs in Tanzania range from volunteer work to well-paid positions in private schools. Paid teaching jobs often provide housing or a housing allowance, and some private international schools will provide tuition assistance for teachers’ dependents.

Teaching in Tanzania – hiring

English teaching jobs hire year-round, and teachers are encouraged to apply any time. The school year in Tanzania begins in January, although international schools will usually follow a typical school calendar in the US or UK (starting in late August or early September).

Teach in Tanzania

Qualifications needed to teach in Tanzania

ESL teachers will often be expected to have a TEFL certificate as well as previous experience teaching ESL abroad; however, many schools will accept new teachers with little to no previous experience.

Classroom teachers will be required to hold a valid teaching license in their home state or country, with at least one year of previous full-time experience

Living in Tanzania

Home to Mount Kilimanjaro and the wilds of the Serengeti, Tanzania is an explorer’s dream. Teachers in major cities, however, will still find that they are able to secure many familiar comforts from home.

Cost of living in Tanzania

The cost of living will vary from urban to rural areas, but most cities in Tanzania are less expensive compared to North America and Europe. As with many locations, teachers will find that buying local foods and goods can be very inexpensive, whereas foreign imports will be pricier.

Teach in Tanzania

Housing for teachers in Tanzania

Many schools will provide housing or pay teachers a monthly allowance to be used toward accommodation. An apartment in the city center of Arusha or Dar es Salaam will usually cost anywhere from $400-600 USD.

Things to do in Tanzania

Capital City of Tanzania

Dar es Salaam is Tanzania’s largest city and offers many options for movies, entertainment, and dining. In addition to the city’s many restaurants, make sure to try plenty of food from local stalls, including plenty of slow-roasted meat served with a garnish of tomato, onion, and chilies. Indian food and Kenyan food are both plentiful in Dar es Salaam.

Mount Kilimanjaro

Adventurous climbers won’t want to miss the chance to trek Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak, located in northern Tanzania. Climbers must be attended by licensed guides, and the vast majority will need to book a tour through an operator. Tours will take between 5-7 days; travelers who are not accustomed to high altitudes are highly recommended to book 7-day tours.

National Parks and Safaris

Even more popular than the famed mountains are the country’s national parks and safaris. The city of Arusha is considered the gateway to the northern safari circuit and is therefore very tourist-friendly. Tanzania’s stunning landscapes make for unforgettable memories. Witness the incomparable sight of millions of animals migrating through the Serengeti, or travel to one of the many national parks home to zebras, lions, giraffes, leopards, and elephants.


On weekends, teachers can head to the beaches in or around Dar es Salaam. Coco Beach is a popular weekend destination, with street food and often live music or events. However, other beaches just outside of town tend to be cleaner and less crowded, making them better options for swimming.

Teach in Tanzania

TEFL Certification for Private School Teachers

Many private schools in Tanzania require applicants to possess a TEFL certificate. The University of Toronto’s TEFL Online Certificate can help you become a leading candidate for some of the top Tanzanian private school positions.
TEFL Online Course

Apply to Teach in Tanzania

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Tanzania at a glance

Country information

Capital: Dodoma

Language: English, Kiswahili

Population: 44,928,923

Currency: Tanzanian Shilling (TZS)

Government: Unitary Presidential Constitutional Republic

Major religion: Islam, Christianity

Climate: Tropical

Size: 945,203 km²

Quick facts

With over 4 million wild animals and 430 species and subspecies, Tanzania has the largest concentration of animals per square kilometer in the world.

Almost a third of Tanzania has been designated as national park land.

The highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro, is located in Tanzania.

Mpingo trees, found in Tanzania, is the most expensive timber in the world, and is most commonly used to make furniture and musical instruments.

Freddie Mercury, Queen’s legendary lead singer, was born in Zanzibar, Tanzania

Tanzania is the biggest exporter of cloves in the world

Tanzania is home to over 120 different African tribes, the largest group being the Sukuma, who live in the north-western part of Tanzania.