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One Week Traveling in China – The Scenic Route

If you’re teaching abroad in China or elsewhere in Asia, be sure to find the time to travel through China. Earlier, we posted a possible itinerary for exploring Beijing and Shanghai, but there’s much more to experience in China. Take a look at the following one week travel itinerary of a trip to the Guangxi province of China.

Day 1 – Guilin

To begin your trip to China, fly to Guilin. Home to 12 ethnic minorities, Guilin lies amongst lakes, rivers and picturesque limestone karsts. First off, head to Elephant Trunk Hill. The hill with a natural hole has become the symbol of Guilin; a boat tour will get you the best view.

Day 2 – Rice Terraces

Get up early and head to the rice terraces of Longsheng, about a 2-hour bus ride from Guilin. Set among small villages, the terraces are an incredible sight year around. In the spring, the flooded paddies resemble scales, giving the ridge its name of the “Dragon Backed Mountain.” Hiking through these terraces will give you a stunning view of the rice fields and surrounding hills.

Day 3 – Li River Cruise

You’ll have already seen some incredible scenery on this trip, but this river cruise will take your breath away. Boats slowly guide visitors down the Li River, through picturesque hills, rock formations and past scenes illustrating rural life in China. A guide will make the landscape come to life with legendary stories and myths. Once you arrive in Yangshuo, stroll through the small town, enjoy some fabulous food, and explore the night market. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, consider staying for another day for a bike ride through the scenic countryside or a great climbing excursion.

Day 4 – Travel to Nanning and the Detian Waterfalls

You’ll need to travel from Yangshuo to Nanning – a half-day trip – in order to make your way to the China-Vietnam border to see the famous Detian Waterfalls (Ban Gioc in Vietnamese). Find a train or bus to Nanning, and spend your afternoon relaxing and enjoying the tropical scenery at South Lake Park.

Day 5 – Detian Waterfalls

The Detian Waterfall will be worth your travel efforts. The world’s second largest transnational waterfall flows through three terraces and several scenic routes take you to some beautiful spots. Additionally, visit the border between and Vietnam and China at the 53 Boundary Marker and Cannon Mountain.

Day 6 –Beihai

Make your way to the fastest growing city in the world, Beihai. It’s well known for its 15 mile long Silver Beach, so make sure you’ve packed your swimsuit! The old street in Beihai features colonial buildings, and the Underwater World highlights the area’s rich marine diversity and China’s naval history. Make sure to try a variety of delicious local seafood for dinner.

Day 6 – Return to Guilin

After making your way back to Guilin, take time to explore the city. Stroll through the underground markets to pick up any souvenirs, and watch the artificial waterfall in the large city square at night.

China, a vast and diverse country, features more incredible sights than visitors can explore on one short trip. You could plan a hundred different travel itineraries through the country, and the best way to see them all is to spend time teaching abroad in China!

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Header photo credit: By akiwitz, via Flickr

Detian Falls photo credit: By jankgo [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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