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teach english in japan summer

Spending a summer teaching abroad is a dream shared by many college students. Aside from a welcome dose of sunshine and some extra cash in your pocket, it can help you learn a new language, expose you to new cultures, facilitate travel and help you grow as a person. And there’s no better place to teach abroad for the summer than Japan.

Although English teaching contracts in Japan tend to run from six months to a year, there are short-term teaching jobs available, at English language schools in Japan. You’ll find jobs opening up as people leave their teaching contracts earlier than expected, and schools with an urgent need to fill the position quickly.

You probably won’t get some of the benefits that came with year-long contracts, like return airfare and bonuses, but you will earn enough money to cover your living expenses and fund weekend travels.

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This guide provides some insight into the different kinds of short-term/summer teaching jobs available to you if you’re into the idea of teaching English in Japan – and the added bonus is that most of these opportunities are looking for students like you!

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Teaching English in Japan summer programs

teach in japan summer

Here’s a sampling of some of the programs you can apply to if you’re interested in teaching English in Japan for the summer. You can also keep an eye on short-term teaching jobs listed on Go Abroad – summer teaching programs in Japan crop up there from time to time:

The American School in Japan

The American School in Japan, based in Toyko, run summer day camps on a yearly basis. They hire hundreds of college students from overseas interested in teaching in Japan for the summer. You’ll be overseeing large groups of K – 8 students, teaching some English and generally getting paid to play and have fun! What’s not to love?

PS:If you’ve already graduated, are TEFL certified and have a year of classroom experience under your belt, you’re also eligible for summer English teaching jobs with the American School in Japan.

Ark Foreign Language Academy

Ark has 12-week-long paid English instructor positions on offer each summer. Perks of the job include a free, furnished apartment!

TEFL summer internships in Japan

Asia-Pacific TEFL offer TEFL internships for university students looking to teach English in Japan. You’ll have to cover the tuition fee of $1,250, another $500 for housing and your own airfare, but it’s a great way to explore Japan and get some practical teaching experience if you’re interested in kickstarting an international teaching career after graduation.

Summer camp jobs in Japan

Companies like RISE Japan and RAir Toyo also hire overseas college students for seasonal camp counselor/English teaching jobs in Japan.

Getting ready for summer teaching jobs in Japan in 2019

So you missed the boat on last summer – not to worry! There’s lots of stuff you you can do over the coming months to get your resume in shape for English teaching jobs in Japan in summer 2019.

1. Get TEFL certified

Now’s the time to get TEFL certified – that way you’ll have your TEFL certification ready in your back pocket – just in time to teach English in Japan the summer after graduation.

2. Get some relevant experience

Try your hand at teaching English online to Japanese students for a few hours a week – this is a great way to get hands-on experience tutoring English language learners

Are you into sports? Maybe you can coach kids at your local youth club.

If academics are more your thing, then you can see if there are any teaching assistant roles in your university department.

If you don’t have any professional experience working with kids, consider some volunteer community outreach instead.

teaching jobs abroad

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