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teach english abroad quiz

Graduation is a time for university students that is full of mixed emotions – relief, sadness, pride, and definitely some level of uncertainty about what comes next. Even after four years of studying and probably some personal growth, you may not feel ready to settle down into your full-time career. You would rather travel but the insane costs are as scary as full-time employment.


What if you could travel the world, and be employed at the same time? This too-good-to-be-true opportunity comes in the form of teaching abroad! If you are a native English speaking graduate with a desire to see the world, here are some reasons to consider teaching English abroad as the post-university path for you:


teach english abroad quiz


The ESL job market is exploding


English is a global language and with our world becoming increasingly connected, people in foreign countries are recognizing the importance of their children learning English from an early age. What does this mean for college grads? Jobs! Lots and lots of jobs.


The market for ESL jobs in Asia is rapidly increasing, with more and more opportunities to teach abroad in China being offered. Companies at the forefront of the ESL boom such as First Leap, require enthusiastic and dynamic leaders for their classrooms. These jobs are perfect for recent university graduates. First Leap English is one of the top English training programs in China, committed to providing quality English education to Chinese students.


Start your “real adult” life with financial independence


Student debt… a dreaded term that makes college students shutter with its mere mention. Many young adults struggle with paying off student debt after graduation, but it doesn’t always have to be like this! Teaching abroad not only gives you the opportunity to travel the world, but can allow you to put money towards those pesky student loans and save some extra cash.


ESL positions in China offer some of the most competitive salaries for native English speaking teachers, and provide benefits too! Saving money not only gives you allowance to travel during your time abroad but can also allow you to gain financial independence at a young age!


graduate teach abroad


Begin your professional career in a booming metropolitan city


Network, network, network! It’s a word so frequently heard in college, but it is so important! Creating working and professional relationships with others is not just crucial for those dreaded group projects, but these connections can also help you post-graduation. When teaching abroad, make an effort to put yourself out there and take on experiences to meet new people. And don’t feel like you need to limit yourself to networking options the education field! Find ways to make yourself known to business professionals in the area (English tutoring to adults is increasing in popularity) and you never know where it will take you.


Teaching abroad in large, cosmopolitan cities provides ESL teachers with some of the best networking opportunities. Various cities in China offer a variety of different teaching positions throughout the country. Living in any of these metropolitan areas gives plenty for teachers to do and new people to meet.  


teach abroad quiz





Experience the world you’ve missed while trapped in the library


Teaching abroad is so much more than just a means to make some extra cash while living away from home, rather it is a way to explore the world at an important time in your life when you have the freedom to do so! You’ve studied hard the past four years for hours on end with your head buried in the pages of textbooks. You have the book experience, and now it’s time to experience all you’ve missed while gaining that important knowledge.


Teach abroad to learn more about other cultures, but to also learn more about yourself. Your experience in a foreign country may just reveal some things about yourself that you didn’t even know!


Are you a recent college grad thinking ESL might be an option for you? Explore the Teach Away job board or get started with this incredible opportunity in China (all you need is a bachelor’s degree to apply to teach English in China today!)


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