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The prospect of applying to teach abroad can feel a little daunting at the start. You create a Teach Away profile, upload your resume and find yourself staring at yet more blank fields to fill out. We get it – it’s easy to procrastinate and promise yourself you’ll get to it later.

The fact is, a detailed and up-to-date teacher profile is a crucial part of your teach abroad application. And the good news is, once you fill out your profile, the hard part is over! Simply head on over to our job board and click the “Apply Now” button when you find a job that interests you.

So without further ado, let’s get into some of the reasons why you need to get your teacher profile up to scratch – sooner rather than later:

A complete profile speeds up your application.

A candidate with complete profile details can be assessed immediately and sometimes a screening call can even be scheduled that very day. If a Teach Away recruiter needs to reach out to you to ask for more profile details to be filled in, we lose valuable time.

This is especially critical if the program you’re applying to has interviews scheduled on set dates – sometimes that day’s turnaround time is enough to miss out on a great teaching opportunity.

A complete profile is crucial for visa application.

Completing your job profile thoroughly is crucial for visa applications as it ensures alignment with visa regulations and increases your chances of securing employment opportunities.

The employer relies heavily on this information when evaluating a job candidate’s eligibility, so omitting crucial details like dependency status could result in disqualification and unnecessary time wasted for both parties.

Additionally, a comprehensive job profile showcases professionalism and attention to detail, enhancing your credibility as a candidate in the eyes of potential employers.

A complete profile makes the application review process run more smoothly.

A resume can be very hard to read, since there is no universally accepted format. The Teach Away portal and its separate sections allow you to lay out all of your vital details in a way that makes it far easier to review, allowing us (and hiring schools) to better assess your candidacy.

Your credentials and your work history are your own, and you want to feel confident that these come through clearly. Filling in the profile sections gives you the chance to verify and double check that your resume matches. That way, you don’t put off future employers with conflicts or errors you might have otherwise missed on your resume.

A complete profile puts you in the running for more teaching jobs abroad.

Providing us with a wealth of details allows us to filter through what we need. Avoid gaps in your credentials or work history that can turn off prospective employers. You don’t necessarily know what is relevant to recruiters or schools and you don’t want to leave something vital out. Substituted for six months? Definitely include that so the school doesn’t ask why (it looks like) you were unemployed for that time.

A complete profile attracts more employers.

We present your profile details to the schools/programs – and they are often more important than a resume to hiring schools. Breaking everything down means interviewers don’t have to dig through your history. Instead, they can spend their time getting to know you as an educator.

Finally, remember that your application is your application. Only you can be sure that it is complete and correct. If you’re serious about applying to teach abroad, then taking the time to dot every “i” and cross every “t” should be one of your top priorities. So, now that we’ve convinced you, head on over to Teach Away and complete your profile today!

How to complete your teacher profile

Step 1. Log in to your Teach Away teacher profile.

After you register with Teach Away, you’ll be taken to your Dashboard. Click on “Profile.”

Step 2. Add your resume to your profile to achieve Beginner level status.

At the top, you’ll see your “Profile strength,” which will start at a “Beginner” level. As you add more information to your profile, this strength level will increase to “Intermediate” and, finally, “Professional.”

We’ve designed this feature to help you assess how strong your profile will appear to recruiters. The more complete your profile is, the better.

Step 3. Add your degree and qualifications to achieve Intermediate level status.

Adding either one (1) of the following components will automatically upgrade your profile strength to an intermediate level:

  • A resume
  • At least 1 degree (e.g. a Bachelor’s in Education)

Alternatively, adding any of the four components also upgrades your profile to intermediate:

  • A profile photo
  • At least 1 experience
  • At least 1 certification or license
  • An introduction statement
  • At least 2 references 
  • At least 2 uploaded documents (not including your resume or profile photo)
  • A profile summary

Step 4. Stand out and be as competitive a candidate as possible to have a complete, Professional level status profile. Add these components!

To accomplish this, you’ll need to add all of the following components: 

  • A professional profile photo
  • At least 1 degree (e.g. a Bachelor’s in Education)
  • At least 2 documents 
  • A resume
  • An introduction statement
  • At least 2 references completed
  • Profile summary completed

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