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teach middle east with family

While many teachers dream of living abroad, they can often feel scared to make such a big life change. That change can feel even more daunting when you’re relocating with your family.


Despite the potential hurdles you might encounter on the way, though, there are so many great reasons to raise your family abroad.


The benefits of moving overseas with your family


teach middle east with family


Teaching abroad is a life-changing opportunity for your whole family to witness the world from a culture that differs from your own. Your children will get access to a diverse and unique education, becoming truly global citizens and developing a stronger understanding of other cultures and backgrounds in the process.


Plus, it’s a great chance for them to experience more of the world and even learn a new language!


Kicking off your research


teach middle east with family


Anyone with parental responsibilities will know that, regardless of where you choose to live in the world, there are a number of issues relating to the needs of your family that have to be taken into careful consideration.


The quality and cost of living, especially, are important things you need to think about when living and teaching abroad with children.


So, if you’re thinking of taking the plunge and teaching abroad with your family, your next step should be to undertake some in-depth research into the most family-friendly teach abroad destinations out there.


As you’re googling, more often than not, you’ll probably see the Middle East topping most lists, if not all, as the most attractive location for experienced educators with families. This is, in large part, due to the tax-free salary and sweet parental perks like free tuition.


The best country in the Middle East for teachers with families


teach middle east family


While many teaching families do end up living in or near cities in the UAE, like Dubai or Abu Dhabi, it’s still well worth investigating other countries in the Middle East you may have otherwise overlooked in your search.


Especially Kuwait – one of the most family-friendly teach abroad destinations in the world.  


Right now, Teach Away is recruiting experienced educators for a wide range of teaching jobs at the American United School of Kuwait (all of which offer unbeatable family perks):



Despite their close proximity, Kuwait and Dubai offer very different things to teachers looking to raise children abroad. Here’s why Kuwait might be a better fit for you and your family:


1. Teaching salaries in Kuwait are higher.


teach middle east with family


This isn’t to say that teaching salaries in Dubai aren’t also sought after (they are). But the vastly higher cost of living in Dubai is bound to eat into a fairly large portion of your take-home pay.


Especially given the fact that you won’t be on the hook for housing or tuition, your saving potential will be much higher in Kuwait.


Depending on your teaching experience and subject, teaching salaries at Kuwait international schools, such as the American United School of Kuwait and American Creativity Academy Kuwait range from about $2,500 – 4,800 USD monthly, tax-free.


Which leads us to our next point:


2. The cost of living in Kuwait is lower than Dubai.


Compared with Dubai, Kuwait is far more affordable for families. While Dubai offers an incredible lifestyle, it comes at a high cost. In fact, Dubai was recently ranked the eighth-most-expensive city to live in the world.


Although not necessarily a hard-and-fast rule, we often find that fast-paced Dubai is a better fit for single teachers or child-free teaching couples, rather than families.


Want to find out your earning potential teaching anywhere in the world? Get a decent idea of what you can expect with the help of our free teach abroad salary calculator!


3. The lifestyle in Kuwait is more kid-friendly.


Overall, the lifestyle in Kuwait is more laid back and less hectic than the bustle of Dubai.


The climate and outdoors activities offered by both Kuwait and Dubai are quite similar – there’s plenty of sunshine and easy access to beaches in both locations. However, Kuwait has much lower humidity levels, making it more comfortable to play outside for young children year round. The traffic in Dubai – especially during rush hour – is chaotic. This can be a rough transition if your children are used to a quieter pace of life.


Also, although Dhabi is justifiably world famous for its luxurious restaurants, the local cuisine in Kuwait is, in a word, sensational. There are also plenty of grocery stores selling important western foods that aren’t ridiculously overpriced – thanks to the fact that there are also no taxes in Kuwait.


4. The quality of education is exceptional in Kuwait – and tuition is free.


teach middle east with family


Finding the right school for your children to attend won’t be much of a struggle in Kuwait. Over 60% of the population is made up of expats and it’s home to a thriving international community. When it comes to education options for your family, Kuwait definitely clinches the top spot.


With programs like the American United School of Kuwait covering tuition for successful candidates with children, you can take your pick of over 90 international schools in the region, offering a range of curricula including UK, US and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses of study.




Teaching jobs in Kuwait in 2018


Search and apply for the latest teaching jobs with the American United School of Kuwait >


Search and apply for the latest teaching jobs with the American Creativity Academy >



5. Accommodation in Kuwait is more suited to families.


Unless you want to live further outside of the city, expect sky-high rental and property prices in Dubai. If you’re looking for a living space with a garden for your children to play in, Kuwait is your best bet.


6. Kuwait is a great base to explore the world.


teach middle east with family


Are you a family of aspiring globetrotters? One of the biggest benefits of teaching abroad is all the time you’ll have to travel as a family – thanks to the ample vacation time. Not only is Kuwait a wonderful place to raise kids – it’s also a great base to travel the world from.


It happens to be conveniently located smack bang in the middle of the other major Middle Eastern and South Asian countries. Kuwait offers lots of direct flights to cities in Europe, the Middle East and Asia – even Australia and New Zealand!


So there you have it, folks – just a few of the reasons why Kuwait is the best country for teaching families to move to in the Middle East!


If you’re thinking about taking the leap and moving abroad to teach with your kids, don’t forget that doing your research and preparing as much as possible will ensure a smooth move and help you and your family settle into your new life in no time at all. As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

teach abroad quiz

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